Mortar Systems Technology Conference

As a vital support weapon, mortars are of paramount strategic importance for land operations and as such there is a need to understand the latest cutting-edge technologies enabling their advancement. Importantly, as technology expands, so does cost, making procurement of mortar systems a key issue. Traditional challenges facing mortar teams have included resolving issues of precision v range, increased lethality and manoeuvrability. In order to mitigate these traditional challenges mortar technology have been advancing at a fast rate. However, there is still further room for development as new challenges begin to emerge and as the environment surrounding mortar systems continues to change.

Our inaugural Mortar Systems Technology conference shall tackle these challenges head on, inviting programme managers, operational commanders, research, as well as the senior engineers and technical directors responsible for developing capability in this vital area. Case studies from key operational personnel, procurement experts, engineers and those responsible for training shall be just some of the key areas presented by leading figures within the field. Join us in London from the 29th to the 30th of June to take part in this worthwhile and essential forum.

Benefits of Attending

Our inaugural Mortar Systems Technology conference will bring together opinion leaders from across the world to discuss the matters that truly matter in the realm of Mortar Systems. We will be discussing topics ranging from the procurement of mortar technology, to counter fire systems. Our expert speakers include senior military personnel, with extensive operational experience in the effective deployment of these assets.

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  • Examining key issues facing mortar systems teams
  • Discussing best practices in the training mortar teams and commanders
  • Hear from a diverse range of speakers from across the world that have expertise in mortar systems
  • Network with key players in the industry
  • Develop an understanding of how to successfully implement training drills

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  • Captain Ben Jones, Chief Instructor of the Mortar Division, Support Weapons School, British Army
  • Dr Hugh Goyder, Senior Lecturer, Cranfield University
  • Lieutenant Colonel Adam Clarke, Commanding Officer, Support Weapons School, British Army
  • Lieutenant Colonel Mika Tauru, Deputy Director of Artillery, Army Command, Finnish Army
  • Lieutenant Colonel Norbert Zipaj, Deputy Chief of Artillery , Czech Army
  • Major Michael Johnsson, Head of Guns and Mortars, Danish Army Combat and Fire Support Centre
  • Major Nicholas French, Commanding Officer, B Company, 2 PARA, British Army
  • Major Tony Dixon, OC Strike Coy, Irish Guards, British Army
  • Mr Christophe Soleil, Director, Research and Development, Mecar SA
  • Mr Christopher Foss, Editor IHS Janes Armoured Fighting Vehicles/Jane’s Artillery and Air Defence, IHS Jane’s
  • Mr Jan Roman, Director, Military Technical Institute of Armament and Ammunition
  • Mr Joakim Lewin, Head of Mortar Programme, FMV
  • Mr Leo Manahl, HQ European Command Non-Lethal Weapon Liaison, US Army Europe
  • Mr Manuel Martin Florez, Product Manager, TECHFIRE, EXPAL (MAXAM Group)
  • Paddy Little, Technical Director, Cervus Defence
  • Senior Representative, 2nd Battalion, 2nd Marine Division, US Marine Corps
  • Vaclav Hejtmanek, Commercial Manager, Military Technical Institute of Armament and Ammunition

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: May 11, 2016