Rockwell Collins at ITEC 2016: Solving Complex Simulation and Training Challenges

Rockwell Collins is committed to solving its customers' most challenging and mission critical issues. As a real-world original equipment manufacturer and simulation and training provider, the major benefit to its customers is the company’s ability to provide a true end-to-end package, bringing real platform equipment into the virtual environment.

Attendees at ITEC 2016 are invited to the Rockwell Collins booth (Exhibit C122) to learn more about the company’s latest developments and how it can address their operational and business needs.

With a constant view to the needs of its customers, Rockwell Collins continues to push the boundaries of technology to provide joint mission training—bringing the air and ground domains together. See demonstrations of the latest simulation and training systems:

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  • EP®-8100 - image generator (IG) with unprecedented realism and performance
  • EP®-80 visual system - high performance, flexibility and affordability in a PC IG
  • RealFires JTAC/JFO Trainer - flexible 'call-for-fires' trainer ranging from transportable to full schoolhouse solutions
  • Helmet-mounted displays – fully integrated, wearable high-fidelity devices for head-up immersive training
  • CoRE™ simulation architecture – customizable open architecture lowers risk and enhances training
  • WholeEarth synthetic environment – highest resolution complete Earth database in the industry to fly anywhere in the world
  • Joint Air/Ground mission demonstration - simulation system interoperability for CAS and Fires mission incorporating on-booth targeting and cockpit simulators

Talk to Rockwell Collins’ dedicated simulation experts on:

  • Multi Independent Level Security System (MILS)
  • Display solutions for all platforms
  • Joint Secure Air Combat Training System (JSAS)
  • Emerging technologies

Source: Rockwell Collins
Date: May 10, 2016