MetaVR Visuals for the A-10 Full Mission Trainer Program

The U.S. Air Force recently acquired 88 new MetaVR Virtual Reality Scene Generator (VRSG) licenses for the A-10 Full Mission Trainer (FMT) program. This acquisition brings the total to nearly 400 MetaVR VRSG software licenses used for coordinated close-air-support training missions between pilots and Joint Terminal Air Controllers (JTACs). In addition, software maintenance was purchased for nearly 300 licenses of MetaVR's real-time 3D virtual world rendering software, which provides the A-10 simulator program access to MetaVR's software enhancements, new 3D models, and terrain databases. The new VRSG licenses will be used to expand the field-of-view of the existing simulators, which will provide greater immersion and situational awareness for the pilot.

Since 2001, the U.S. Air Force has been using VRSG to equip new and existing sites with networked training systems that train U.S. pilots and JTACs in close-air-support exercises. In addition to the A-10 FMT, such systems include the recently awarded JTC TRS simulator and the Advanced Joint Terminal Attack Controller Training System (AJTS). The AJTS is in use at the JTAC schoolhouse at Nellis Air Force Base and at 18 other USAF and Air National Guard training sites across the U.S. The A-10 FMT uses MetaVR visuals for the out-the-window and sensor views and consists of a high-fidelity replica of an A-10 aircraft cockpit, an Instructor Operator Station (IOS), a visual system and other equipment that provides trainees initial and ongoing training for flight, mission, and tactics.

The base FMT simulator configuration uses MetaVR VRSG to drive an eight-screen display configured to fit within a nine foot ceiling. MetaVR provides internally funded terrain databases to the Simulator Database Facility (SDBF) at Kirtland Air Force Base, which are provided as government-furnished equipment (GFE) to any MetaVR VRSG user at no charge as one of the benefits of annual software maintenance.

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The U.S. Air Force recently integrated MetaVR VRSG with Battlespace Simulations' Modern Air Combat Environment (MACE) software. MACE provides the A-10 FMT simulator increased training realism with greater ability to control the environmental conditions, generate realistic electronic warfare scenarios and equipment, manage imagery and map data, and control ground forces.

Ten sites have one or more MetaVR-based A-10 FMT simulators: Baltimore Air National Guard Base (ANGB), MD, Barksdale Air Force Base (AFB), LA, Boise ANGB at Gowan Field, ID, Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ, Ft. Smith ANGB, AR, Ft. Wayne ANGB, IN, Moody AFB, GA, Osan AB, Korea, Selfridge ANGB, MI, and Whiteman AFB, MO. CymSTAR is the primary systems integrator responsible for maintaining and extending the A-10 FMT simulators.

Source: MetaVR
Date: May 4, 2016