Advanced ITAR/EAR Compliance: Using the ITAR & EAR to Your Advantage - 2 days Seminar

ITAR Compliance is No Longer a Choice, It is a Necessity

It is not enough to just know the ITAR -- It is now time to learn the EAR and be compliant with both sets of regulations

Take Your Understanding of ITAR Compliance to a New Level by Attending an In-depth Analysis of Recent Developments on the Export Reform Initiative, Agreements, Voluntary Disclosures, Avoiding Missteps in Product Jurisdiction and More

Key Note :

"Post Export Control Reform: Transition Issues to Consider"
Paul Munninghoff. Executive Director, Export/import Compliance & Administration, Space Systems Loral, LLC

PART I - Export Control Reform (ECR): A View From Key Industry Experts

  • Keynote: Post Export Control reform: Classification Still Poses a Problem
  • Breakout: A Defense Industry Approach to the Order of Review
  • ECR Compliance Implementation
  • Scorecard-How the Major Players in the Defense Industry Fared With ECR

Part II - EAR & ITAR Jurisdiction & Licensing

  • ECR Compliance Implementation
  • Jurisdiction & Classification: Tips to a Successful Outcome
  • EAR Licensing & Exception Overview
  • Group Breakout
  • How to Be the Effective Empowered Official

PART III - EAR & ITAR Update & Compliance

  • How to Implement Your Agreements - Advanced Workshop
  • Agreement Exercise-Incorporating EAR 600 Series Items
  • EAR Enforcement & Compliance
  • Sentinel & Blue Lantern Program & Company Visits


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"The small group discussions are an extremely effective learning tool. The exercises and small class size are a major plus that keeps us coming back to attend ECS seminars."

Director of Export Compliance, Northrop Grumman
"The venues are always conducive to learning and the quality of instructors as former State Department Licensing Officers is unparalleled."
Program Manager, Military Systems Group

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Suzanne Palmer, President of Export Compliance Solutions, has 15 years of experience within the State Department and as a Licensing Officer, and over 10 years direct experience with the U. S. defense industry. After leaving the State Department she joined Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems in Baltimore and then went on to work at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab. Combining U.S. Government and defense industry experience, Ms. Palmer specializes in training, interpreting the ITAR and the EAR Export Control Reform initiative and applying U.S. export control regulations. She has served on the Defense Trade Advisory Group (DTAG) and as a Special Compliance Official (SCO) for a company operating under a Consent Agreement.

Lisa Bencivenga has has over twenty years of varied experience in export/import licensing and compliance issues with major defense contractors. She has had the leading role in developing and implementing internal compliance programs, providing regulatory guidance, instituting license databases, training personnel at all corporate levels, conducting audits requested by clients and/or directed by the U.S. Department of State, coordinating investigations and working closely with legal departments while administering the full spectrum of corporate international export/import activities. She has several years of experience in space-related export issues which includes obtaining and implementing complex licensing arrangements related to spacecraft and launch activities as a result of her employment with Orbital Sciences Corporation and The Boeing Company.

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Apr 21, 2016