Oceanographic Survey Vessels Conference

The only OSV conference worldwide exclusively for a naval audience

The importance of oceanographic/hydrographic survey vessels (OSVs) have long been well-understood. However only in the last 5 years has a new growth market been emerging amongst so-called ''Tier-2 navies'' in North Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia-particularly those with recent or planned submarine acquisitions.

With 373 ships in service with 45 countries plus NATO and with 29 vessels on order in 9 countries, there are known current requirements for at least 8 new OSVs of different levels of sophistication that could be worth US$ 1.6 billion with a forecast showing requirements in at least 20 countries over the next five years worth at least a further US$ 4 to 5 billion.

Our research has shown that OSVs tend to be operated largely by navies or, in the case of nations with a territorial survey requirement, by their coast guards or even other government branches such as Food, Agriculture and Fisheries ministries or sometimes in collaboration with marine science institutions with supplemental government funding.

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Our OSV conference will focus squarely on naval requirements for OSVs where there is a strategic security benefit and/or where there is also a clear economic case.

What Navies, Coast Guards and National Hydrographic Offices can learn from OSV 2016

  • Understand the economic and security benefits of owning this class of vessel
  • Learn how OSVs impact marine resource management, improve EEZ policing, enhance your strategic security and contribute to Maritime Domain Awareness
  • Acquire the information and skills needed to successfully build and present a compelling strategic and economic case for OSV acquisition for your navy
  • Recognise the pros and cons of different designs for such vessels and how they impact build and operational costs.
  • Learn about the choices your peers made in deciding on embarked equipment; UUVs, sensors, etc., to create a capability that is right for your nation's needs and budget.

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  • Rear Admiral (R) Nick Lambert, Former National Hydrographer, United Kingdom

2016 Speakers include:

  • Vice Admiral Bruno Frachon, Director, SHOM, French Navy
  • Vice Admiral Luiz Fernando Palmer Fonseca, Special Advisor to the Director, Department of Hydrography and Navigation, Brazilian Navy
  • Vice Admiral Pablo Emilio Romero Rojas, Director General, Maritime, DIMAR, Colombian Navy
  • Rear Admiral Nam Pham Xuan Diep, Chief of Staff and Deputy Commander in Chief, People’s Navy of Vietnam
  • Commodore Ashraf Elassal, Director, Hydrographic Department, Egyptian Navy
  • Commodore Mir Imdadul Haque, Director Hydrography, Operations Branch, Bangladesh Navy
  • Commodore NJ Bala, Hydrographer of the Navy, Nigerian Navy
  • Captain Ricardo Molares Babra, Director, Centre for Oceanographic and Hydrographic Research (CIOH), Colombian Navy
  • Commodore Daryanto, Chief Hydrographer, Dinas Hidro – Oseanografi, Indonesian Navy
  • Captain David Robertson, Hydrographer of the Navy, UK Hydrographic Office, Royal Navy
  • Captain Gustavo Musso, Head of the Oceanographic and Hydrographic Fleet, Navy of Uruguay
  • Captain Bongkoch Samosorn, Commander of Hydrographic Flotilla, Royal Thai Navy
  • Captain Massimiliano Nannini, Director of Transformation, NATO CJOS
  • Captain Luigi Sinapi, Director, Naval Hydrography, Italian Navy
  • Commander Francesco Tocci, Chief of Geometoc Section, N3 Division, NATO Allied Maritime Command
  • Lieutenant Commander Tim Hall, Littoral Warfare Capability Manager, Capability Branch, Royal New Zealand Navy
  • Lieutenant Commander John Loog, Head Department Plans, Projects and Surveys, Hydrographic Service, Royal Netherlands Navy
  • Rear Admiral Tim Lowe, National Hydrographer and Deputy Chief Executive, United Kingdom Hydrographic Office
  • Commander Aziz Hammoudi, Deputy Commander, El Idrissi Survey Vessel, Algerian Naval Forces
  • Dave Limpenny, Vessel Business Manager and Seabed Mapping Lead, CEFAS
  • Andy Hoggarth, Chief Business Development Officer, Caris
  • Jan van der Burg Vice Admiral (Retd.), Royal Netherlands Navy, Principal Naval Advisor, Damen
  • Alain Buck, Vice President, STX France
  • Adrien Benoist, Naval Architect, STX France
  • Jan Rune Pedersen, Managing Director / EMC Manager, Applica
  • Morten A. Lerø, Head of Department, Technical Advisory, DNV.GL
  • Sébastien Grall, Vice-President, Marine Works, IXBLUE
  • Guillaume Dandrieux, Business Development, Naval Domain and Marine Works, IXBLUE
  • Wade Carson, Vice President Business Development, VARD

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Apr 18, 2016