Savox Makes 1st Delivery of IMP C4i-enabling Intercom Systems for Minelayer Upgrade Programme with Undisclosed Customer

Leading provider of C4i intercom and communications solutions for defence, security and professional public safety users, Savox Communications, (DSA 2016, Stand #3007) , has delivered its first IMP C4i-enabling Battle Communications Intercom System for a major upgrade to three mine laying vessels, with an undisclosed European customer.

Installation of the Savox IMP system throughout the ships will enable the three vessels, which have been in operation since the early 1990s, to face modern threats with a new lease of life.

The IMP systems will be deployed on all decks throughout the vessels and will provide the command, control and communications system for each ship. Respective crews – each ship has a complement of 19 – will be equipped with IMP Personal Communications Units (PCUs), with which each sailor can connect into the vessel’s wider IMP network via IMP Communications Hubs (IMP-CHs), installed at the various different user stations onboard, as designated in the end-user specifications.

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Key aspects of the system, which have made it ideal for such an upgrade and service-life extension programme, include its ease of installation and straightforward integration process. In addition, being software-defined makes the solution inherently scalable and ensures that further updates and upgrades will be easy to perform in future.

Savox Communications CEO, Jerry Kettunen, said, “This first system delivery has gone extremely well and the whole delivery programme is right on schedule. These are extremely important vessels in this naval fleet, which perform an essential role in and around its areas of operation.  To upgrade them like this with the very latest C4i-enabling intercom system technology will help ensure their safe and useful service life for many years to come.”

Installation work by the customer on the first ship has already begun and, following the final system delivery, the third installation is scheduled for completion by the end of 2017.

Source: Savox Communications
Date: Apr 18, 2016