Savox Delivers IMP C4i-enabling Battle Communications Intercom Systems for 7th Finnish Navy Jehu-class Landing Craft

Leading provider of C4i intercom systems and communications solutions for defence, security and professional public safety users, Savox Communications, (DSA 2016, Stand #3007), today announces the delivery of the latest tranche of IMP C4i-enabling Battle Communications Intercom Systems for the 7th vessel in the Finnish Navy’s fleet of 14 new, Jehu-class, Amphibious Landing Craft. The vessels will be used to support and transport the Finnish Navy’s Marine Infantry Troops.

This latest IMP delivery for the new boats will be followed closely by delivery of IMP equipment for the 8th landing craft, also expected during April. The next four complete systems for the corresponding vessels will follow by November, with the final two IMP deliveries for boats 13 and 14 completed in early 2017.

Savox Communications CEO, Jerry Kettunen, said, “From the outset, one of the main aims of the programme has been to adopt the very latest technology available in the marketplace for all the systems and sub-systems onboard the landing craft.  By adopting the IMP C4i-enabling intercom solution the vessels will certainly benefit from probably the best C4i intercom system of its kind, currently available.”

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Under the Jehu-class programme, Savox is working with Marine Alutech, which manufactures the vessels under the designation ‘Wildcat M18 AMC’. Each has a crew complement of six and a troop-carrying capacity of up to 25 PAX and is designed to perform a range of tasks including: troop transport and landing operations, patrolling and escort tasks, as well as combat and battle-support operations. And with its hull and superstructure providing a high level of ballistic, as well as CBNR protection, the Jehu-class vessels are akin to armoured personnel carriers on water.

This makes the use of the Savox IMP system even more relevant, with the ever-increasing need to deliver consistent connectivity for all participants in combat operations. Using IMP, individual crew and passengers will be able to connect into the C4i-enabling intercom system to link them into the onboard network to communicate, commander with crew, crew with passengers, gunners with commander, and so on. But IMP also interoperates with a wide variety of commercial, as well as tactical analogue and digital radios, in order to connect the vessel seamlessly into the combat network beyond.

“Since the award of this contract in 2014, our partnership and dealings with Marine Alutech and the Finnish Navy have grown stronger through our skillful execution of our responsibilities in such an important programme. Not only have we firmly established our position in the areas of C4i and tactical communications, but also as a reliable and trusted partner for defence organisations and defence industry prime contractors, no matter how large the project,” Jerry Kettunen concluded.

Source: Savox Communications
Date: Apr 18, 2016