Maintenance Reserves Training 2016 Seminar

This event will cover in-depth all aspects of maintenance reserves, what you need to know and how to put it into practice. It will discuss typical issues pertaining to the Lessor and what is required to ensure they are protected, how to calculate reserves, what accrual rates should be set, mid lease inspections and more. It will provide an overview with practical exercises. It will be of value to anyone involved in aircraft asset management or leasing and who wish to gain a further understanding of the topic. What doe the future hold regarding Maintenance Reserves – what options are there.

Co-located with Technical Aspects of a Leased Asset 2016 Seminar

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  • Nick Brice, Technical Director, Montrose Leasing
  • Paul Briggs, Lawyer, Bird & Bird
  • Ben Hughes, Marketing & Business Dev Director, Rolls-Royce & Partners Finance Ltd
  • Marian Pistik, CEO, Aerotask, fze
  • Ronan Stewart, Head of Asset Management, Santos Dumont
  • Rob Watts, VP, Airline Financial Consulting, Aerotask fze
  • Alan Robinson, Managing Director, ALM

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Apr 14, 2016