Arctic Patrol & Reconnaissance 2016 Conference

Developing a multi-platform, multi-sensor approach to delivering total domain awareness in the High North.

As the Arctic continues to grow in importance, governments across the region have published strategies prioritising their interests in the region. In 2016, military and civilian stakeholders are turning their attention to delivering on these policy objectives.

The High North remains a complex operating environment and both technical shortfalls and equipment shortages mean that operators continue to face substantial information gaps. Arctic Patrol & Reconnaissance 2016 will bring strategic military decision makers together with leading solution providers to consider the balance of space assets, maritime reconnaissance and patrol solutions and the unmanned capability required to deliver complete situational awareness in the Arctic.

The 4th summit will return to Copenhagen as the community reflects on the Danish priorities which are due for release in early May through a major White Paper on the Arctic. Building the new Danish perspectives into the wider regional discussions, the conference promises to advance the themes of cooperation, interoperability, communications and domain awareness.

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As human activity grows maritime governance and economic sovereignty becomes an ever greater concern for arctic nations, the Arctic Patrol & Reconnaissance 2016 summit will continue to play a crucial role in advancing efforts to provide situational awareness and security in the region.


Attend Arctic Patrol & Reconnaissance 2016 to:

  • Understand the requirements of stakeholders looking to deliver situational awareness in the Arctic and contribute to their evolving strategies for delivering surveillance, reconnaissance and patrol
  • Be the first to hear lessons learned from recent Arctic exercises and what this means for future of capability development
  • Highlight your solutions in response to specific operational requirements and demonstrate their benefits to key customers and end-users
  • Develop a clear understanding of the civil-military interplay in Arctic affairs and how best to engage with the right decision makers to further your organisation's profile as a solution provider
  • Engage with stakeholders from across the Arctic community- including senior operational, procurement and policy officials- to shape your product strategy for approaching the regions biggest procurement programmes


"Reassessing how cooperation should be in the future is very important... It's everything!"
Rear Admiral Nils Christian Wang, Commandant, Royal Danish Defence Academy

"This is an exciting program, examing key security issues within the High North."
Professor Rolf Tames, Director, Geo-Politics in the High North

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  • Major General Kim Jesper Jørgensen, Commander, Danish Joint Arctic Command
  • Brigadier General Jan Ove Rygg, Commander, Royal Norwegian Air Force
  • Brigadier General Mike Nixon, Commander, Canadian Armed Forces
  • Brigadier General Michael Claesson, Deputy Head Plans & Policy Department, Swedish Armed Forces
  • Colonel Timo Mäki-Rautila, Deputy Commander, Finnish Army
  • Lieutenant Colonel Ronald Poetiray, Cold Weather Warfare Specialist, Maritime Warfare Centre, Royal Netherlands Marine Corps
  • Julie Gascon, Assistant Commissioner, Canadian Coast Guard
  • Bjørn Tegner Bay, Commissioner for Greenland, Grønlands Politi
  • Captain Kathleen Duignan, Director, Emerging Policy Staff, United States Coast Guard
  • Michael Emerson, Senior Arctic Policy Advisor, United States Coast Guard
  • Lars Hedemark, Head of the Arctic Project Organisation, Danish Ministry of Defence
  • Captain Sakari Martimo, Project Manager European Arctic Maritime Capabilities, Finnish Ministry of Defence
  • Captain (N) Bjørn-Erik Marthinsen, Naval Staff, Royal Norwegian Navy
  • Commander Audunn Kristinsson, Deputy Commander Operations, Icelandic Coast Guard
  • Commander Richter Tipton, Head of Arctic Security, US EUCOM
  • Lieutenant Colonel Luc Sabourin, Commanding Officer, Royal Canadian Air Force
  • Lieutenant Colonel Stefan Hedmark, 3rd Brigade, Norrbotten Regiment, Swedish Armed Forces
  • Major Ben Påhlsson, Training and Evaluation Unit, Norbotten Regiment, Swedish Armed Forces
  • Erik Vilstrup Lorenzen, Under-Secretary for Arctic Affairs, Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Bruce Jones, Independent, Policy Expert
  • Ola Gråbak, Earth Observation Science & Applications, European Space Agency
  • Jens Olaf Pepke Pedersen, Senior Scientist, DTU Space & Polar DTU, Technical University of Denmark
  • David Jardine-Smith, Secretary, International Maritime Rescue Federation

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Apr 13, 2016