Fokker Services displays iShade Electronically Dimmable Window at the Aircraft Interior Expo

Fokker Services displays iShade dimmable technology integrated into its new panoramic window at AIX

  • iShade offers controllable dimming, can exclude 99.95% of light.

Fokker Services, a division of GKN Aerospace, will display its newest retrofit product, the iShade Electronically Dimmable Window (EDW) concept, integrated into the company’s panoramic window on stand 6D58 at the AIX show in Hamburg from 5th - 9th April.  Two GKN Aerospace passenger cabin windows for the 737-700 will also be showcased with integrated iShade technology.

The iShade can block out 99.95% of light coming through the window, offering opaque windows whenever desired and generating all types of intermediate dimming modes as preferred.   It can also block heat and noise for increased passenger comfort.  Fokker Services and the transparency systems business within parent company GKN Aerospace aim to offer this EDW technology for both new aircraft build and retrofit commercial and business aircraft. To do so they have teamed with InspecTech Aero Service, supplier of the iShade EDW, and Research Frontiers Inc (RFI), developer of the original SPD technology. In recent times, the SPD dimmable window technology that forms the basis for the iShade has been successfully applied on more than 30 different aircraft platforms, both on retrofit and line fit application.

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The iShade will replace standard window blinds and will offer many advantages for the aircraft operator. Examples of these advantages are: better passenger appeal, lower maintenance costs, improved climate control in the aircraft on the ramp, a cooler cabin, and cabin attendant control of all window blinds with one click of a button – all contributing to an improved passenger experience.

The iShade product fits perfectly into Fokker Services’ innovative line of retrofit solutions to enhance aircraft interiors. Recent developments, which will also be showcased in Hamburg, are the Skyview Panoramic WindowTM*, light weight passenger seats, LED lighting, wireless In-Flight-Entertainment, USB in-seat power and Avionics upgrades including the ADS-B out system, which is mandated by 2020 in Europe and the US. These solutions are aimed at improving operator revenue potential, decreasing operating costs and increasing passenger appeal for commercial and business aviation aircraft.

Mareijn Willems (Manager Aircraft Modifications, Fokker Services) explained: “Fokker Services is always pushing the boundaries by applying new technologies on all aircraft types. As an experienced aircraft MRO, re-delivery and engineering business, we have performed large modification projects for special mission aircraft and VIP conversions. Recently we became part of the GKN Aerospace family, creating an even more extensive aftermarket product portfolio.”

Source: Fokker Technologies
Date: Apr 5, 2016