PowerFilm Awarded Military Contract

PowerFilm, Inc. has again been selected by the US Army and Thales Defense & Security, Inc. (TDSI) to support the military's continuing efforts to lighten the Soldier's load and make him or her more energy self-sustaining on the battlefield through the use of rechargeable batteries.

After a rigorous and lengthy selection process, PowerFilm's advanced lightweight 120 watt foldable solar panel was chosen as a primary accessory to the Thales Universal Battery Charger - a key system used in remote areas to charge multiple battery types. The PowerFilm solar panel is used to supply power to the UBC allowing the squad or platoon to operate for at least 72 hours without battery resupply in austere areas "off the grid."

As today's Soldiers and Marines become more technically advanced and reliant on electronics, the more power they require in the field. The use of systems like the UBC, and the PowerFilm solar panel used to power it, allow these War-fighters to keep their equipment charged in areas where no commercial power is available.

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PowerFilm's lightweight, foldable, durable, and extremely portable 120 watt solar panel fits easily into the Soldier's rucksack and can be rapidly deployed during halts offering reliable, safe, and secure power anywhere on the globe.

PowerFilm has been supplying various sizes of US made solar panels to the military for over a decade and continues to improve its panels to meet the ever increasing high standards and toughening requirements demanded by the Department of Defense.

Source: PowerFilm, Inc.
Date: Mar 31, 2016