Humanitarian Airlift And Disaster Response Asia-Pacific Conference

We are proud to announce the return of Humanitarian Airlift And Disaster Response Asia-Pacific which will be taking place in Singapore on 23rd and 24th May 2016 in Singapore. Humanitarian Airlift And Disaster Response Asia-Pacific will be returning for the 3rd installment.

This conference programme will provide updates on capabilities and requirements from national militaries for humanitarian operations, how civil-military cooperation is enhancing the NGO response to regional humanitarian disasters, overcoming the key challenges of humanitarian logistics and innovative technologies to enhance the disaster response. These topics will be addressed by military speakers, civil-military coordinators, regional logistic experts and disaster response organisations, therefore bringing together all key regional stakeholders for disaster response exercises.

With the Royal Malaysian Air Force's recent acquisition of the A400m there is appetite to enhance capabilities and satisfy requirements both through procurement and collaboration across Asia-Pacific and that is what makes this a critical forum for regional air transport and airlift end-users and industry.

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Benefits of Attending

  • Meet and network with industry and military decision makers in the humanitarian and military airlift
  • Discuss how to further enhance civil-military cooperation in response to regional humanitarian disasters
  • Understand regional airlift capabilities and requirements and how these will be satisfied
  • Analyse national airlift investment and identify procurement opportunities
  • Debate how the greater regional collaboration can enhance disaster response and disaster management


Plus Three Post Conference Workshops | 25th May 2016

A: Learning and Assessing Operational Lessons Which Can Build Partnership Capacity
Hosted by: Dr Jennifer Moroney, Director, RAND Australia
8.30 - 12.30

B: Identifying Challenges to Multi-agency Coordination and how to Optimise Humanitarian Airlift in Disaster Response
Hosted by: Greg Elliott, Deputy Executive Director, Australian Centre for Civil Military Coordination
8.30 - 12.30

C: Ensuring Airlift Capabilities For Disaster Response Across Asia-Pacific
Hosted by: Lieutenant Colonel Hans van de Ven, Executive Director, Movement Coordination Centre Europe
13.00 - 16.30

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  • Air Commodore Richard Lennon, Commander Air Mobility Group, RAAF Base Richmond, Royal Australian Air Force
  • Colonel Douglas DeLaMater, Commander of 374th Airlift WIng, US Air Force
  • Colonel Reinhard Krell, Director, Movement Coordination Centre Europe
  • Didier Vernet, Head of A400M Product Marketing, Airbus Military
  • Greg Elliott, Deputy Executive Director, Australian Civil Military Centre
  • Jennifer Moroney, Director of Rand Australia, The Rand Corporation
  • Lieutenant Colonel Hans van de Ven, Chief Executive Officer, Movement Coordination Centre Europe
  • Lieutenant General Amnat Barlee, Director of Thai Red Cross, RED CROSS
  • Muhammad Farooq, Head of Operations, United Nations Humanitarian Air Services
  • Nate Nathanson, Head of Civil-Military Cooperation Asia-Pacific, World Food Programme
  • Nelson Castano, Head of Disaster Management, International Red Cross
  • Peter French, Former Head of Transport/Logistics Division at World Food Programme, World Food Programme
  • Professor Dr Stefan Pickl, Professor of Operations Research, University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich
  • Professor Tan Kok Choon, Director of Degree Education, National University Singapore
  • Ray Shirkohodai, Executive Director, Pacific Disaster Centre Program
  • Shirish Ravan, Head of Beijing Office, United Nations Office of Outer Space Affairs
  • Temmy Tanubrata, Independent Consultant, Humanitarian Logistics
  • Thomas Thompson, Civil-Military Cooperation, World Food Programme

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Mar 31, 2016