Countering the Threat Posed by Improvised Explosive Devices

Cobham Antenna Systems is a leader in military land systems for Counter Improvised Explosive Device (C-IED) capability and through the supply of state-of-the-art integrated tactical communications systems.

Cobham continues to work in close partnership with the UK Government to share its world leading know-how and equipment and today more than 150,000 communication systems have been supplied to our partners and allies. Together with Vallon GmbH, the manufacturer of Minehound, over 9,500 Counter IED detectors have been supplied worldwide.

The legacy of asymmetric warfare continues to be a major issue for many Governments around the globe.  IEDs continue to kill and maim indiscriminately, restricting freedom of manoeuvre of military, police, peacekeepers and civilians alike.  Cobham has developed a range of handheld and vehicle mounted sensor technologies to combat these threats.  Minehound is the market leading dual sensor detector, developed and manufactured in partnership with Vallon GmbH, and it continues to play a central role in Counter IED operations worldwide.

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Our reliable partner Vallon GmbH is about to bring this DTMD detector under the "Make in India" programme to India to support the Security Forces and Armed Forces clear mined areas and disrupt terrorist activities through the detection of buried threats.

Effective communications remains of paramount importance at the tactical edge and Cobham's digital Vehicle Intercom Systems (VIS), advanced mast systems, as well as its wide range of high performance UHF, VHF, resilient GPS and microwave antennas are in use in for the most demanding of military applications.  Cobham's revolutionary Integrated Communications Environment (ICE) technology provides a means to not only integrate multi-radio communications systems on to land vehicle platforms, but also to allow tactical terrestrial and satellite communications systems to co-exist with electronic counter measures (ECM) equipment.  This offers military and police an unparalleled force protection capability, a key enabler to ensuring that freedom of manoeuvre is maintained, even in an environment where asymmetric threats are in widespread use.

Source: Cobham
Date: Mar 22, 2016