Raytheon Canada Limited Chosen to Enhance Royal Canadian Navy Crew Safety

Raytheon Canada Limited, a subsidiary of Raytheon Company (NYSE: RTN), has been awarded a contract to install up to 58 Naval Remote Weapon Stations (NRWS) on Royal Canadian Navy surface vessels. The NRWS is a mission-proven solution that replaces manually operated stations with technologies that allow for remote operations.

Remote operations enhance crew safety by eliminating the need to have operators on the deck of the ship during close-range engagement.  The NRWS is based on the proven Mini-Typhoon product line provided by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Limited, Raytheon Canada Limited's teammate on this award.

"Raytheon modernizes mission critical systems while retaining proven capabilities and effectiveness for our partners," said Todd Probert , board of directors, Raytheon Canada Limited. "This integrated and innovative technology will provide effective weapon operations for the Royal Canadian Navy operating in high-threat littoral areas."

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Raytheon Canada Limited's offering provides sustainable, long-term benefits to Canadian industry including Canadian suppliers that have been maximized to develop, produce, integrate, and deliver the NRWS requirements.

"Our combat proven, affordable and low-risk system is designed for current operations with flexibility to add new technologies for future naval combat support," said Mark Nicol , president, Raytheon International Inc., Canada.  "It is a mature, capable system designed and tested for navies worldwide."

Raytheon Canada Limited (RCL) is a subsidiary of Raytheon Company. RCL is a leader in high technology solutions, engineering services, surveillance and navigation systems including air traffic control radars, highway traffic management systems, maritime surveillance radars and systems, and precision optics.

Source: Raytheon Corporation (NYSE: RTN)
Date: Mar 18, 2016