AQERI signs partner agreement with US company AMREL

Aqeri, leading Swedish producer of ruggedized computer and communication equipment for extreme environments, has signed a partner agreement with US company AMREL, with main office in Los Angeles, California.   

Through the co-operation with AMREL, Aqeri secures a close teamwork harboring marketing presence and access to the US market. Through the co-operation with Aqeri, AMREL secures access to the complete range of all Aqeri defense products. Under this agreement, AMREL serves as the prime point of contact in the US regarding business projects, service and support.

AMREL is a leading US company for ruggedized mobile computer solutions. For more than 30 years, AMREL has supplied fully rugged off-the-shelf and customized solutions to the Defense, Public Safety, and Industrial sector.  The addition of Aqeri’s Defense products will increase AMREL’s product breadth and offer their customers greater access to a complete ruggedized mobile computer and network communication solutions.

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Under this partnership, Aqeri will also gain access to AMREL’s line of rugged Android tablets and mobile biometric device offerings.  The co-operation is expected to allow both parties to cross-leverage and sell each other’s unique offerings through its respective markets and channels.

Aqeri CEO comment;
”Finally we have found the right partner and we take a step in the right direction by securing a selected partnership with a leading company on a targeted market where business potential is assessed to be very high over long time. The value of being represented by a well-respected company like AMREL in the US is of utmost importance in order to secure further growth on the US market.”

“With the new co-operation with Aqeri, we believe that there is long-term strategic value in cross-leveraging Aqeri’s product line with our own offerings of fully rugged laptops, tablets, handhelds, smartphones, and mobile biometric devices,” explains Kalvin Chen, AMREL’s VP of Operations, “We expect our combined expertise and sales channels to establish an effective synergy in opening up new opportunities for both us and Aqeri.”

Source: Aqeri
Date: Mar 18, 2016