Air Mission Planning 2016 Conference

Air mission planning remains the core competence that underpins air operations for our flight crews and airmen. However, fueled by continued advances in mission support technology and the unique demands of the operational environment, the expectations and practices of mission planning continue to adapt.

From static and lengthy pre/post mission processes, the potential for increased agility, interoperability and combat effectiveness is greater than ever. A shift toward fully digitalized air mission planning, with the ability to swiftly plan, flexibly react and comprehensively de-brief now sets the standard for the modern operator.

Building on the successes of our previous Air Mission Planning meetings, our 7th annual conference shall bring together those at the fore front of the domain, ranging from leading operators, system integrators, technical engineers, chief scientists and the leading industry providers. Air Mission planning shall explore the strategies and technologies required to develop next generation capability in this vital area.

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Benefits of Attending

Aims of the Conference

  • Provide a platform for the advancement of air operations planning, bringing together those at the heart of systems operation, development and integration
  • Deliberate the requirements of the contemporary operational environment
  • Develop advanced strategies for the planning process
  • Explore Interoperability for coalition operations and joint fires
  • Hear the very latest technological developments from research and industry, that are enhancing mission support, reducing workload and improving combat effectiveness

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  • Air Commodore Paddy Teakle, Deputy Commander AEW&C Force Command, NATO
  • Air Vice Marshall (Retd) Sean Bell, Director, Vangovion Ltd
  • Colonel Giorgio Seravalle, Chief of Air Operations, Italian Air Force Staff
  • Colonel Glen Genove, Commander, 435th Air and Space Communications Group, United States Air Force
  • Colonel Olivier Maurer, Officer Commanding the NATO Analysis and Simulation Centre for Air Operations, French Air Force
  • Colonel Philippe Rogers, USMC, Land Force Planner, Senior Marine, SHAPE & JFC, NATO
  • Dr Tina Erlandsson, System Engineer, Sensor Fusion and Tactical Control, Saab
  • Flight Lieutenant Graham Stewart, DGC Mission Mangement Air, Defence Geographic Centre
  • Jaroslav Mika, Officer Commanding 211 Squadron, Czech Air Force
  • Jim Walter, Head of Task Team 7, Defence Geographic Centre
  • Lieutenant Colonel Gian Luca D Angelo, Air Transport Cell Member, Movement Coordination Centre Europe
  • Major General Dimitrios Petridis, Aviation Support Programme Manager, NATO Support and Procurement Agency
  • Mark Darlow, Head Geospatial Air Information Team, Defence Geographic Centre
  • Mr Enzo Montalti, Director of Air C2 Programmes and Services, NCIA NATO
  • Mr Johan Eertink, Senior Research and Design Engineer, NLR
  • Mr John Loader, Head Mission Systems Advisor, BAE Systems
  • Nick Benson, Aeronautical Information Requirements Manager, RAF Northolt

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Mar 2, 2016