Military Network Modernization 2016 Conference

Military Networks are evolving as technology changes at a rapid pace and information transfer becomes more complex. As a result, requirements for streamlined, more efficient, and higher capacity networks are more critical than ever before. As the Military acquires new capabilities in data collection it, in turn, requires the ability to push this intelligence anywhere in the world in real time. NETMOD 2016 will outline key military network initiatives and highlight some of the progress occurring across the military spectrum.

Whether you are a Program Manager in the field, an industry leader with a new idea, or simply a communications enthusiast, this event will have something for you!

What are the BENEFITS of attending?

  • Learn about Emerging Technologies Supporting the "Mobile" Warfighter
  • Hear from Experts on the Army/s Roadmap to Network Modernization
  • Discuss the Newest Advancesin SATCOM and Tactical Radio capabilities
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the big picture for our Military's Joint Information Environment.
  • Access three days of content from some of the most senior stakeholders in the Military IT community
  • Hear first hand about the future of information and technology policies of all the Military Services
  • Deep Dive into the organizations tasked with NETMOD initiatives
  • Learn about upcoming requirements and acquisitions opportunities for cloud solutions
  • Gain insight about the newest advances in information assurance and security

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  • Roger Thorstenson, Director, Strategy and Integration, Office of the DoD CIO
  • Ms. Kimberly Rice, Program Manager, DoD Mobility Office - DISA
  • Dr. Robert Bonneau, Program Manager, Office of the Secretary of Defense
  • Mr. Jeffrey Witsken, Chief, Network Integration Branch, Mission Command Center of Excellence - US Army
  • Mr. Kenneth Bible, Deputy Director, C4 and CIO - US Marine Corps
  • Ned Miller, Chief Technology Strategist for Public Sector, Intel Security Group
  • Mr. Mike Padden, Project Manager, I3C2 - US Army PEO EIS
  • Mr. Brian Burns, Chief Information Security Officer, Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Mr. Richard Carlson, Program Manager, LSN/MAGIC - Department of Energy
  • Mr. Doug Haskin, Project Director, Enterprise Services - US Army PEO EIS
  • CW5 (R) Rick Pina, Former Chief Technology Officer, Chief Information Office/G-6, Principal Technologist - DoD, World Wide Technology
  • Dr. Igor Linkov, Risk and Decision Science Team Lead, US Army Engineer Research and Development Center
  • CPT Donovan Cozzens, C2 Systems & Applications Analyst, C4 Strategy & Plans, US Marine Corps
  • Jon Green, Chief Technology Officer, Aruba - Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Mar 1, 2016