Troya has developed a new Spec Ops Night Vision Binocular, the Ninox, after a recent market demand

Troya Tech Defense Ltd., an Israeli manufacturer of Electro- Optical devices and Defense related equipment, has developed the NINOX Night Vision Binocular, thus entering a new niche market, the Special Forces drivers and operatives

Established by IDF and Israeli Defense industry veterans, Troya Tech Defense Ltd., or Troya for short, has recently developed the NINOX Night Vision Binocular (NVB, or NVG as it is more commonly abbreviated). The Ninox’ branding continues the company’s use of owl names, with the last product released just a few months ago, theStrix ANVIS (Aviator Night Vision Imaging System), which also received an owl genus name.

“The Ninoxwas designed especially for nighttime driving in hazardous environments, where headlights are not something you would want to use. The main characteristics that defers it from a monocular or even a goggle, is that it uses two optical channels, which means that the user is looking at a stereoscopic image, or 3D. Without this feature, no depth perception is available so a driver will not be able to measure distances correctly, avoiding obstacles in time, for example. It is already being evaluated by a number of Spec Ops Forces around the world.” says Roee Cohen, Troya’s CTO.

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The Ninox is equipped with an IR flashlight, so it could be used even in extreme low light conditions, such as indoor rooms, corridors and basements. In addition, the Ninox is helmet mountable or equipped with a facemask, which evenly spreads its weight, which is very low to begin with.

Source: Troya Tech Defense Ltd.
Date: Feb 29, 2016