Southwest Border Security Week 2016

Welcome to the only event directly supporting state and local law enforcement efforts in securing our nation’s southwest border. Scrutiny of the southwest border protection initiatives have been growing in recent years, particularly due to a surge in transnational crime, the emergence of sophisticated terror organizations, the threat of lone wolves and malicious actors, and other illicit activity.

Consequently,we discuss macro strategies to better protect our borders. However, the men and women that are in the field, risking their lives on a daily basis, require advanced capabilities that can be tactically executed… today.

Southwest Border Security Week 2016 will bring together the key stakeholders with direct responsibility for finding workable solutions to border protection challenges and that can be implemented in the field.

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Don’t miss the only border security event located on the border as we head to McAllen, TX to discuss requirements for developing the tools,technologies, and techniques that will support our state, local, and federal law enforcement leaders in the field as they tackle one of our nation’s most difficult challenges!

Topics we’ll cover during the main conference include:

  • Data Management: Information Sharing to Facilitate Law Enforcement Operations
  • Border Patrol Operations, Equipping our LEO for success
  • Tunnel Detection Strategies
  • Local Sherriff Panel - Local Initiatives and Strategies
  • Unmanned Vehicles in Air, Ground, and Sea
  • WMD Security along the Border
  • Facilitating Trade and Travel while Halting Illegal Activity
  • Biometrics in Law Enforcement
  • Monitoring the Waterways: Enforcement on the Sea and Rivers
  • Clearing the Backlog of Immigration Court Cases: Strategies for Streamlining
  • Border Security from the Other Side: Collaboration with our Mexican Allies
  • ...and many more!

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  • Nelson Balido, CEO, Border Commerce and Security Council
  • Hon. Francisco Cabeza de Vaca, Senator State of Tamaulipas, Federal Government of Mexico
  • Dr. Patrick Carrick, Director Science and Technology, Homeland Security Advanced Research Project Agency
  • Manuel Padilla, Sector Chief Rio Grande Valley Sector, Customs and Border Patrol
  • Austin Skero, Director of Use of Force Center of Excellence, Customs and Border Patrol
  • Colleen Manaher, Executive Director Planning, Program Analysis and Evaluation, U.S. Customs and Border Protection
  • CAPT Jonathan Spaner, Sector Captain San Diego Sector, United States Coast Guard
  • Rep. Mark Finchem, State Representative, Arizona State House of Representatives
  • Steve Hewitt, Director, New Mexico All Source Intelligence Center
  • Bill Long, Director, Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center
  • Major JD Robertson, Commander, Special Operations, Texas Rangers
  • Mark Dannels, Sheriff, Cochise County Arizona
  • Ms. Margeret Stock, Counsel to the Firm, Cascadia Cross Border Law
  • Dr. Everard Meade, Director Trans Border Institute, University of San Diego
  • Mr. Anthony Galante, Director of Training Services, Unmanned Safety Institute

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Feb 17, 2016