CBRNe Summit Europe 2016

Our 3rd annual CBRNe Summit will provide attendees the opportunity to understand the current CBRNe threats being faced to our major cities, infrastructures, civilians and armed forces personnel. CBRNe attacks are becoming the most common use of attack by many terrorist organisations across the globe.

Our event will focus on many key areas in the CBRNe industry. With a key focus on the following topics: CBRNe Forensics, Medical Intelligence, CBRNe Capabilities of Civil and Military agencies, Civil-Military Cooperation, Threat of Explosives and First Responder techniques.

Today’s biggest CBRNe threats to society come from biological outbreaks and the worry of terrorist organisations gaining the capability to release a biological weapon in a major European city. This is why there is now a great emphasis on medical intelligence by many Health Ministries across the world. It is important that local hospitals, first responders and health departments are well stocked on antibodies to counter-act different biological outbreaks.

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CBRNe Summit 2016 will allow you to meet with senior officials from the CBRNe industry with 150+ participants from across 20+ countries in one place over a 3 day event.

Why Attend?

  • Analyse the latest CBRNe Capabilities of Civil and Military agencies across Europe
  • Discuss in-depth case studies provided by Europe's leading first responders and emergency services
  • Understand the major threat of a biological outbreak
  • Review the increased focus on medical intelligence in the field of CBRNe
  • Develop your understanding of CBRNe Forensics
  • Network with over 150+ senior officials within the CBRNe industry

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  • Wolfgang Rudischhauser, Director, WMD Non-Profileration Centre, Emerging Security Challenges Division, NATO
  • Colonel Christophe Mignot, Director, National Center for Civil and Military Training (NRBC-E)
  • Colonel Denis Josse, Head of the Pharmaceutical Services and Advisor on CBRN and Toxicological Risks Management, Alpes-Maritimes Fire & Rescue Services, SDIS06, France
  • Colonel Frederic Dorandeu, Head of Research Department (Toxicology), Armed Forces Biomedical Research Institute, France
  • Lieutenant Colonel Fabrice Jean, CBRN National Expert, Directorate General of Civil Security and Crisis Management, Ministry of Interior, France
  • Lieutenant Colonel Ladislava Navratilova, Scientist and Chemical Expert, Fire Rescue Service , Ministry of Interior, Czech Republic
  • Captain Olivier Rousseau, Head, Joint CBRN Section, Ministry of Defence, Belgium
  • Lyudmila G. Simeonova, Head of CBRN Department, Fire Safety and Civil Protection Chief Directorate, Ministry of Interior, Bulgaria
  • Robert Henstridge, CB Response Scientist, DSTL
  • Dr. Cornelius Bartels, Senior Expert Bioterrorism, European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC)
  • Inspector Mark Roberts, Emergency Planning Division, Police Service of Northern Ireland
  • Dr. Alexander Grabowski, Director, Protection, Decontamination and Water Treatment, Bundeswehr Research Institute for Protective Technologies - NBC Protection
  • Jan Wagner, Inspection Team Leader (Munitions Specialist), Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW)
  • Dr. Rob Orford, Principal Scientist, International Research & Development Group, Public Health England
  • Ed Van Zalen, Programme Manager CBRN, Netherlands Forensic Institute
  • Gerry Harvey-Howson, National Testing and Exercising Department, Police National CBRN Centre (PNCBRNC), United Kingdom
  • Professor Giorgi Nabakhtiani, Head of Division, Department for Nuclear and Radiation Safety, Ministry of Protection of Environment and Natural Resources, Georgia
  • Colonel (Ret) Viktor Meineke, CBRN Expert and Member, German Crisis Management Group, Federal Ministry of the Environment, Germany
  • Professor Roberto Mugavero, President, OSDIFE

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Feb 1, 2016