Directed Energy Systems 2016 Conference

Developing the Technology and CONOPS to Bring Directed Energy to the Battlefield

With the groundbreaking testing of a Laser Weapons System aboard the USS Ponce and the Royal Navy looking to build on this before the end of the decade, directed energy systems have never been closer to becoming integrated as fully operational military systems.

The potential for the capabilities of the armed forces to block enemy electronics and communications, protect convoys in high risk zones, and protect critical land, naval and airborne assets is crucial in preparing for future threats, and is quickly becoming incorporated into the vision of nations with active programmes. Active denial systems and other non-lethal DES applications for police and civil enforcement remains a controversial topic, whilst also seeing vast investment and research in the area.

Challenges surrounding power supply, size and weight remain elemental in the research and development stage, whilst ruggedisation remains a key inhibitor to real-world deployment.

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With unrivalled international participation, Directed Energy Systems 2016 is the perfect opportunity for you to engage with the world’s premier DES authorities.

Directed Energy Systems 2016 will allow you to:

  • Gain the latest information on new technologies including high energy laser systems, active denial systems, engine stoppers and dazzlers
  • Hear from key military thought leaders about their vision for the adoption of DES into their existing capabilities
  • Debate with your international peers and colleagues how to best integrate DES and how you can mitigate future challenges
  • Identify the challenges faced by military personnel testing laser systems in real-world theatres and incorporate this knowledge in your own future force development and product progression


"Overall a good mix of people, very valuable."
Head of C-IED Programmes, Rafael

"This event has been useful in understanding the latest advancements in this field"
Sabriye Raif, Operational Analyst, Atomic Weapons Establishment

"Positive to see trends and current projects"
Michael Harper, ONR Global, USA

"Technically engaged speakers – Very good!"
Hanspeter Kaufmann, Senior Manager, Research, RUAG

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  • Major General Jerry D. Harris, Jr, Vice Commander, Air Combat Command (ACC), US Air Force
  • Rear Admiral Massimo Annati (Retd.), Chairman of the European Working Group on Non-Lethal Weapons, Italian Navy
  • Ricardo Vigil, Commander, NAVSEA
  • Dr. Markus Jung, Vice President for Directed Energy, Rheinmetall
  • Ronald O'Rourke, Specialist In Navy Affairs, Congressional Research Service
  • Michael Cathcart, Principle Research Scientist, Georgia Tech Research Institute
  • Dr. Sjef Orbons, Senior Scientist, Police Academy of The Netherlands
  • Rüdiger Schmitt, Senior Scientist, Laser Technology, French-German Research Institute of Saint Louis (ISL)
  • Elizabeth Quintana, Programme Manager, RUSI Defence Systems
  • Flag Officer, Maritime Capabilities, Royal Navy
  • Paul Shattuck, Director, Directed Energy Systems, Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company
  • Fumio Wani, Senior Staff Officer, Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd.
  • Markus Martinstetter, Future Systems, MBDA Deutschland GmbH
  • Dr. Robert Peterkin, Chief Scientist, AFRL
  • Marcia Holmes, Senior Scientist, PEO Missiles and Space
  • Robert Stark, Engineer, Diehl BGT Defence
  • George (Derrick) D. Hinton, Principle Deputy Director/ Joint Investment Program & Policy Deputy Director, Defence Test Resource Management Centre
  • Leo P. Manahl, Expert, US EUCOM Non-Lethal Weapons Program, Joint Non Lethal Weapon Directorate


  • Colonel Fabian Ochsner, Vice President, Marketing & Sales, Rheinmetall Air Defence

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Jan 26, 2016