Indra was awarded contracts in 2015 to supply 6 new Victrix simulators to the Spanish Armed Forces

In 2015 Indra won several contracts to supply the Spanish Ministry of Defense with six new Victrix simulators for military operational practice and training.

Two of the simulators will be used by the air force, two by ground forces, one by the navy, and one by the royal guard. With these new contracts, Indra will have delivered a total of 34 Victrix simulators to the armed forces.

Developed at Indra's center of excellence in León, the simulators reproduce real scenarios and situations that soldiers face in their operations, providing them with the opportunity to practice in a virtual environment using their standard-issue weapon fitted with a laser sight and blowback system.

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Use of the Victrix simulator by the different types of armed forces has not only made it possible to harmonize training. It has also facilitated the system logistics and maintenance.

Since the first simulators were delivered in 2007, Indra has gradually improved the graphics and visual part of the system as well as adapting it to the specific training needs of the armed forces, which sets this solution apart from similar ones on the market.

Some of the improvements introduced include preparing the system for use with real standard-issue weapons and incorporating a hostile fire device, latest-generation projectors, and more powerful graphical and processing units. The resolution of the sighting system has also been enhanced, and users now have greater capacity to design their own exercises and exploit the data gathered during training.

The company is currently working on the implementation of new functionalities in order to create an even greater differential value with regard to other simulators and be able to provide a more customized response to users' training needs.

Training with the Victrix simulator enables soldiers to significantly enhance their shooting accuracy. Moreover, thanks to considerable savings in ammunition, fuel and time, the solution can be amortized in a very short time. Indra is one of the world's leading simulator manufacturers, having delivered more than 200 systems to 23 countries and 51 clients.

Source: Indra
Date: Jan 20, 2016