Indra Awarded Defense Technology Projects Worth EUR200 M in December

Indra won contracts worth a total of some 200 million euros under programs allocated during December by the Ministry of Defense, with the backing of the Ministry of Industry and Tourism, as part of a drive to modernize the Spanish armed forces.

As part of a joint venture with Navantia, Indra is involved in technology programs to develop combat systems for the future F-110 frigate, having been awarded contracts worth 94 million euros that run until 2020.

Meanwhile, under a joint venture run with GDELS-SBS and SAPA, Indra will work on technology programs to develop a forthcoming wheeled combat vehicle (VCR 8x8), in a contract worth 28 million euros and running until 2018.

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The company will also develop the NH90 simulation system, in a contract worth 77 million euros that was awarded in its entirety to Indra and extends to 2020.

All three of these projects are firmly rooted in technology and R&D, thus ensuring that Indra will secure a stronger standing when bidding for future contracts in the international defense market.

F110 Frigate
Under the F110 program, Indra will be responsible for developing radar systems, electronic defense systems and infrared systems. Successful development will pave the way to these systems being equipped on future Spanish Navy frigates. The sensors may also be sold for other military ships.

These projects will strengthen Indra's competitive position in the international naval platforms market, where it has supplied systems to the world's leading shipbuilders, such as the German firm TKMS, the Italian company Fincantieri, DSME in South Korea and Navantia itself.

VCR 8x8
As for development of the first prototypes for a forthcoming 8x8 vehicle, the company will develop all of the electronic systems for these vehicles (infrared, perimeter vision, fire control, combat management system, electronic protection and communications management). The Spanish army plans to acquire at least 500 such vehicles as of 2018.

NH90 Helicopter
Finally, Indra will be in charge of developing a simulation system for NH90 helicopters. These will be installed at the Agoncillo helicopter base (La Rioja) and be operationally integrated with helicopter simulators, also provided by Indra, at bases in Colmenar Viejo (Chinook, Cougar and H135) and Almagro (Tiger Helicopter). As a whole these simulators operate in a fully integrated fashion and together form Europe's most advanced military helicopter simulation center.

Development of the simulator represents an important technological challenge for Indra, as the aircraft features cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art systems. Likewise, sales of the NH90 helicopter on the international market will represent a significant business opportunity for Indra.

Source: Indra
Date: Jan 12, 2016