Top 20 Cyber Security Companies Hold Share of the $80.7bn Cyber Security Market, According to a New Study on ASDReports

Now available on ASDReports, The rapid expansion of the cyber security market in the last 10 years has led Visiongain to value the global cyber security market at $80.7bn. The growing threat of cyber attacks on government and critical national infrastructure, the rise in cyber criminals targeting private industry and the global expansion of internet users in the developing world is driving the market through more sophisticated threats that can exploit vulnerabilities in the IT industry and network security. Within the last five years, cyber security has emerged from a backseat paradigm in the IT industry, to becoming a critical component of the global digital economy.

The cyber security market is expected to become more diverse and fractured as the largest companies face rising competition from relatively new high growth entrants. Whereas the market was previously dominated by global defence contractors and comprehensive enterprise IT providers, cyber security companies specialising in submarkets such as endpoint security or security analytics are quickly gaining sizeable market shares.

Visiongain has calculated that the top 20 cyber security profiled in this report will have a dominant share of the cyber security market. This figure has been determined by the predominance of leading cyber security companies in securing US government contracts, which make up a significant proportion of publicly verifiable contracts in the cyber security market. The vast majority of leading cyber security companies are based in the US and EU markets, with a few exceptions in the Russian and East Asia markets.

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Top 20 Cyber Security Companies 2015

Visiongain has identified and profiled the top 20 cyber security companies, providing information relating to key financial performance indicators, previous and ongoing contracts and merger & acquisition activity. Detailed analysis highlights each company’s activities in the cyber security market and how this is influenced by the conditions and competitive landscape of the cyber security market. This 421 page report contains 472 tables, charts and figures to illustrate the performance of the top 20 companies. Visiongain has also obtained four exclusive interviews from Kapersky Lab, Honeywell International, IBM and Dell that provide comprehensive expert insight into the cyber security market.

The Top 20 Cyber Security Companies 2015: Analysis of Leading Players, Competitive Positioning & Future Market Opportunities report will be of value to current and future investors and market players in the market. Companies and operators with an interest in the cyber security market, looking to identify competitors or potential alliance partners will also find this report of value.

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Source: ASDReports - Market Research
Date: Nov 25, 2015