Military Engineering 2016 Conference

With over a decade of major operations for the NATO alliance at an end, now is the time for military engineers to help recalibrate forces to face the complex and diverse threats of the future.

In association with Capability Directorate Combat Support (CDCS) & the British Army, We welcome you to join the leading event exploring the changing role of the military engineer in the modern combat environment.

CDCS expects to spend £1 billion on combat support capabilities in the next ten years

The SDSR’s publication in late 2015 will finalise the figure for renewing and extending combat support capability. The Military Engineering 2016 conference has been selected as the forum for CDCS’ explanation of their key priorities and to kick off their research into solution providers for these requirements.

There is no better time to engage with leading engineering stakeholders and to assist them in developing their strategy for delivering future engineering combat support.

The event will welcome distinguished speakers and guests from across the alliance to present on specific programmes and to share best practice. Topics for discussion include engineering on a wheel base, FOB protection and area-denial systems, humanitarian and disaster relief functions, FOB energy and resource resilience, future applications for Unmanned Ground Systems- and more.

What are the benefits of attending?

  • Shape discussions and influence requirements as global combat support capability develops to face future challenges
  • Be the first to hear UK combat support priorities and place your solutions at the heart of the discussion
  • Understand keys to successful operations from leading case studies and use these to pitch your product’s role in the next operational success story
  • Collaborate with customers and other stakeholders to explore long-term trends in military engineering and how to shape your business and solutions for future success

For the UK & abroad, Military Engineering 2016 will offer exceptional opportunity to engage with your market and further your business objectives.

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Early-confirmed speakers:

  • Major General Karl D. McQuillan, Chief of Military Engineers, Canadian Armed Forces
  • Major General Mark W. Yenter, Deputy Commanding General for Military and International Operations, United States Army Corps of Engineers
  • Brigadier Simon Humphrey, Director, Capability Directorate Combat Support, British Army
  • Brigadier General Oshri Lugasi, Commanding Officer, Corps of Engineers, Israeli Defence Force
  • Colonel Chas Story, Assistant Director Military Engineering Combat Support, British Army
  • Colonel Jason Hones, Assistant Director Plans, Capability Directorate Combat Support, British Army
  • Lieutenant Colonel Richard Burnet, Staff Officer for Engineer Operations, J-Eng Branch, NATO SHAPE
  • Lieutenant Colonel Jochen Gumprich, Head of Engineering Branch, Army Development Command, Bundeswehr
  • Lieutenant Colonel Jos Hekking, Branch Chief Planning & Coordination, Civil-Military Cooperation Centre of Excellence, NATO
  • Lieutenant Colonel Richard Walker, CO Queen's Gurkha Engineers & 36 Engineer Regiment, British Army
  • Major Wim De Brabander, Bureau Chief Engineering & Support Systems, Belgian Armed Forces
  • Joseph Reiterer, Chief, Civil-Military Cooperation Section, UN OCHA
  • Ian Ratcliffe, CDCS Science Gateway Advisor, DSTL
  • Brigadier (Retd) Ben Barry, Senior Fellow for Land Warfare, IISS
  • Ms. Rasa Pazarauskiene, Expert Doctrine & Concept Development Branch, NATO Energy Secuirty Centre of Excellence
  • Mehmet Kinaci, Senior Analyst Lead on Energy, NATO ACT

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Dec 14, 2015