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Unconventional, irregular and hybrid warfare carried out by both state and non-state actors continues to be a critical feature of current and potential operating scenarios faced by armies around the world.

Russia’s annexation of Crimea was shockingly effective and demonstrated the renewed need for NATO to be able to move Armour in volume and at speed across Europe to meet future threats. Across swathes of Syria and Iraq, Daesh have continued to consolidate their hold with many anticipating they will remain influential in the region over the next decade. Possessing the capability to deploy is often deterrent enough to render the use of force unnecessary. However, to stabilise and ultimately resolve such issues can require ‘boots on the ground’; firepower, mobility, protection and information networks. This almost certainly means joint force deployment and in particular a combination of aerial platforms, armoured vehicles, and special forces.

IAVs 2016 will address such questions as; what technology and platforms are we preparing for current and future scenarios? How can the modern armoured vehicle continue to adapt and remain capable in 21st century theatres of conflict? How can we deploy assets at speed? How can we best operate and communicate within a joint and multinational environment

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We welcome you to join us as at IAV to:

  • Re-join the largest, annual and international gathering of armoured mobility experts to develop and share your organisation's capability, knowledge and project management expertise within the largest group of targeted prospective partners, anywhere in the world
  • Engage with your customers and supply chains in conference and at the exhibition in order to solve common challenges and to bring forward your modernisation and development agendas
  • Explore the future threat environment with the community's thought leaders, policy makers and innovators and support the community's ability to defeat the enemy by demonstrating your armoured capability


Five Reasons To Attend IAVS 2016:

  1. Exchange ideas with over 400 peers and prospects and develop new strategies tailored to your customer needs
  2. Conduct face-to-face meetings, build relationships, and gain insight from military and industry attendees
  3. Assess the evolving operating environment and future requirements for cost effective fleet acquisition – identify business winning and cost-saving opportunities
  4. Take part in briefings on dozens of armoured vehicle programmes led by senior influencers and decision makers from UK and other international military
  5. Get together with suppliers, analysts, friends and colleagues from armed forces, to compare notes on the evolution of armoured vehicles

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Early-confirmed speakers:

  • Ms Heidi Shyu, Assistant Secretary of the Army (ALT), U.S. Department of Defense
  • General Dennis L Via, Commanding General, U.S. Army Materiel Command
  • H.E. General Qadam Shah Shaheem, Chief of General Staff, Afghan National Army
  • Lieutenant-General Anatoliy Pushnyakov, Commander of Ground Forces, Ukrainian Armed Forces
  • Lieutenant General Seppo Toivonen, Commander, Finnish Army
  • Vice Admiral Mathew Quashie, Chief of Defence Staff, Ghana Armed Forces
  • Major General Payenda Mohammad Nazim, Inspector General, Afghan Ministry of Defence
  • Major General Richard Opoku-Adusei, The Chief of the Army Staff, Ghana Armed Forces
  • Major General Robert Talbot-Rice, Head of Armoured Vehicle Programmes, DE&S, UK MoD
  • Major General Francesco Paolo FIGLIUOLO, Chief of Logistics Department, Italian Army General Staff
  • Major General Payenda Mohammad Nazim, Inspector General, Afghan Ministry of Defence
  • Brigadier General Stephen Cadden, Chief of Staff Land Strategy, Canadian Army
  • Brigadier General Charles Beaudouin, Director Technical Section, French Army
  • Brigadier General Jumah T. AL - Hrout, Commaning General, King Abdullah II 3rd Armored Division, Jordan Armed Forces
  • Brigadier General Norbert Huber, Director Armament and Procurement, MoD Austria
  • Brigadier General Jack Singyangwe, Chief of Policy, Doctrine and Strategic Branch, Zambian Army
  • Colonel Ales Vodehnal, Director, Land Forces Development Dept., General Staff, Czech Republic Armed forces
  • Colonel Glenn A. Dean, Stryker Program Manager, U.S. Army
  • Colonel Shane Fullmer, Joint Light Tactical Vehicle Joint Program Office Manager, U.S. Army
  • Lieutenant Colonel Jak Walker, Commanding Officer, ATDU, British Army Headquarters
  • Major Claus Johansen, APC Replacement Programme Manager, Danish Army Combat Centre
  • Bryn James, Head - Armour & Protection Science & Technology Centre, UK Dstl
  • Professor Elias Stipidis, Director, Vetronics Research Centre
  • Dr Dong Hyun Kim, Director for Mobility & Automotive R&D, Agency for Defense Development, Republic of Korea
  • Dr Yazid Ahmad, Director Mechanical & Aerospace Technology Division (STRIDE), Malaysian MoD

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Nov 26, 2015