Alion Awarded $47M Marine Corps Contract to Support Weapon Systems Modernization

Due to aging weapon systems, reduced manpower and challenging budget conditions, the Marine Corps has placed an even greater focus on logistics and sustainment to ensure operational readiness and maximum effectiveness. To support this critical need, Alion Science and Technology, a global engineering, technology and operational solutions company, has been awarded a $47 million task order by the Headquarters Marine Corps Installations and Logistics (HQMC I&L) for Life Cycle Support Modernization Services.

The objective of the HQMC I&L roadmap is to analyze and understand the impact of modern technologies throughout the life cycles of weapons systems. Under this award, Alion will support the Marine Corps by modernizing logistics processes, implementing proven technology with best practices and developing standards for performance. Alion’s expertise will allow commanders and program managers to understand each weapon system’s condition and identify components that may fail before the next mission.

“By enhancing situational awareness data for decision-making and increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the logistics chain, Alion will help the Marine Corps efficiently manage their vast equipment portfolio and enhance overall readiness,” said David Russell, Alion Senior Vice President and Manager of the Rapid Solution Group. “Alion has provided HQMC I&L with product support modernization services for six years and is excited to continue this very important work,”

To support the Marine Corps under the task order, Alion will build upon previous work in the areas of Integrating Logistics Command & Control Technologies and Capabilities, Maintenance Modernization, Data Management & Exchange Standards, Decision Support Simulation & Planning Capability Development, Asset Information Management & Automated Armory maturation, and overall Portfolio Management.

The task order was awarded under the Defense Systems Technical Area Task Multiple Award Contract (DS TAT MAC).

Source: Alion Science and Technology Corporation
Date: Nov 19, 2015