Armoured Vehicle Market to Reach Over $12BN in 2015

The reports 240-page study Armoured Vehicle Market Report 2015-2025: Outlook For Top Companies in MBT, MRAP, Medium, LPV & Other Military Armoured Vehicles indicates that the global military armoured vehicle market is expected to be worth $12.4bn in 2015, as countries move to steadily add new or upgraded armoured vehicles to their ground forces, even as the sector has changed following the withdrawal of US-led forces from Afghanistan in end-2014 (following on from that in Iraq in 2011).

The author of this defence market report commented that: ‘“The armoured vehicle market, given the large share of US and some of its major allies, was in recent years, shaped in large part by the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. With the withdrawal from the former and the drawdown of most forces from the latter, the demand for armoured vehicles now shifts to other priorities in armoured vehicles. Apart from those mentioned countries, several countries in Asia, the Middle East and Latin America not involved in the aforementioned mentioned conflicts, continue to pursue programmes that have been in the pipeline. The armoured vehicle market has also become more competitive as several countries gear up for local development and manufacture and thus companies must be able to identify where and how to compete in the requirements for armoured vehicles that are likely to come.”

The 240-page report contains 202 tables, charts and graphs that utilise visual representation in order to clarify trends and market projections within the armoured vehicle market. The report provides a range of forecasts for the period 2015-2025, overall and for five submarkets – main battle tanks; medium armoured vehicles; mine-resistant, ambush-protected (MRAP) vehicles; light protected vehicles (LPV) and other armoured protected vehicles – at the global level and also these 5 segments are individually forecast within each of the 20 leading national markets plus rest of the world.  Each of the national markets also includes detailed tables for a total of 101 armoured vehicle programmes and 200 armoured vehicle contracts.

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Armoured Vehicle Market Report 2015-2025

In addition, the leading 25 companies operating within the market are profiled in detail, examining the main concerns and outlook of these entities and the notable programmes and contracts they are involved in. An exclusive interview with leading armoured vehicle company Patria is also included

The Armoured Vehicle Market Report 2015-2025: Outlook For Top Companies in MBT, MRAP, Medium, LPV & Other Military Armoured Vehicles report will be of impressive value to current and future investors into the armoured vehicle market, as well as to companies and research centres who wish to broaden their knowledge of the sector.

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Source: ASDReports - Market Research
Date: Oct 29, 2015