Gulfstream Offers Fans 1/A+ Solution for GV Operators

Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. today announced it has approval from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to install the soon-to-be required communication and surveillance system known as Future Air Navigation System (FANS) 1/A+ on Gulfstream V aircraft.

FANS 1/A+ was developed to address the ability of air traffic control (ATC) to handle a dramatic increase in aircraft traffic. The avionics system uses automation and satellite-based technology to improve aviation communication, surveillance and traffic management.

FANS 1/A+ benefits include:

  • Reduced fuel burn and flight time through access to shorter flight tracks
  • Reduced pilot workload
  • Reduced separation between aircraft, allowing for increased traffic
  • Flight details automatically communicated to ATC through a VHF or SATCOM data link

“Our FANS 1/A+ solution for GVs is fully integrated with the aircraft’s flight management system,” said Mike West, vice president, Product Support Sales and New Business Development, Gulfstream. “I can’t emphasize the word ‘fully’ enough. The FMS and FANS systems were developed and created through a unique partnership between Gulfstream and Honeywell. The engineering and flight-test efforts were extensive to ensure we meet the needs of our nearly 200 GV operators.”

Operational mandates require FANS 1/A+ for the most wind-efficient North Atlantic Ocean flight tracks (between FL350-390). Some Pacific Ocean routes are also affected. After Jan. 30, 2020, aircraft without FANS 1/A+ will not be allowed to operate in Minimum Navigation Performance Specification airspace, which includes most North Atlantic routes.

The FANS 1/A+ installation requires: a communications management unit, a transceiver, a cockpit voice recorder with data link-recording ability and a flight deck printer.  The work can be done at Gulfstream’s U.S. service centers, which are located in Savannah and Brunswick, Georgia; West Palm Beach, Florida; Westfield, Massachusetts; Appleton, Wisconsin; Dallas; Las Vegas; and Long Beach, California.

Gulfstream is pursuing a similar supplemental type certificate from the FAA for the GIV and GIV-SP.

Source: Gulfstream Aerospace Corp.
Date: Oct 26, 2015