EOD & C-IED Conference

Explosive Ordnance Disposal & Counter IED 2015

IED's are no longer the sole preserve of the battlefield. The proliferation and dissemination of IED's mean that, not just military forces, but humanitarian organisations, peacekeepers and development agencies need to develop effective C-IED capability.

EOD & C-IED 2015 brings together leading stakeholders from military, humanitarian and governmental organisations to move towards an effective, coherent and coordinated international approach to developing EOD & C-IED capability.

EOD & CIED 2015 highlights include:

  • Uniting military and humanitarian forces to tackle the EOD and IED threat as one
  • Region specific focus including Africa & the Middle East
  • In depth discussion over transitioning from the need to know to the need to share
  • Debates over the latest technological advances in forensics and exploitation

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  • Colonel Ronnie Nilsson, Commanding Officer, Swedish EOD and Demining Centre SWEDEC
  • Colonel Nicolas Coussiere, Coordinatior on IED’s, CCW Amended Protocol II Group of Experts, Disarmament Convention, United Nations
  • Lieutenant Colonel Mohammed El-Sayeed, Mine Action Centre, Lebanon Armed Forces
  • Lieutenant Colonel Charles Giraud, Joint Explosive Ordnance Warfare Centre, French Army
  • Major Dick Bouwhuis, Head Force Protection, Royal Netherlands Air Force
  • Major Jaap Van Gelder, Operations, UNMAS, Mali
  • Major Jeroen Van Kleef, Senior Staff Officer, Biometrics, Defence Expertise Centre Counter IED, Lan, Netherlands MoD
  • Major Bob Shaw, SO2 Training and Education, Defence Academy of the United Kingdom
  • Mohammad Sediq Rashid, Director, Mine Action Coordination Centre, Afghanistan
  • Mike Rashid, Operations Director, NMAA, South Sudan
  • Edin Muric, Director, HMA Operations, DCA, South Sudan
  • Gilbert Lossitode, Director, CPADD, Benin
  • Cristian Coman, Augmeted Reality Program, NATO
  • Dick Larry, Senior Advisor for CIED, EOD and Exploitation, HQDA G3, US Army
  • Detective Mike Digby, C-IED Integrated Team, Los Angeles Sheriff's Dept.
  • Kim Hughes, Regimental Senior Ammunition Technician, 33 Engineering Regimen, British Army
  • Zachary Kramer, SME C-IED, JMRC US Army
  • Iain Overton, Policy Director, Action on Armed Violence
  • John Rawson, Advisor, Ammunition Safety Management, Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD)
  • Colonel (Ret'd) Rob Hyde-Bales, Consulting Editor, The Counter-IED Report
  • Dr. Arnold Schoolderman, PM C-IED R&D, TNO & NATO STO
  • Dr. Pascal Von Paridon, Principal Scientist, NATO NCIA
  • Colonel Gareth Bex, Commander, 29 EOD and Search Group, UK MoD

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Oct 23, 2015