Hansair improves global efficiency and productivity with Quantum Control MRO and Logistics Software

Component Control announced today that Hansair Logistics, a distributor of aircraft consumable and expendable products, utilized Quantum Control MRO and Logistics software to improve efficiency and productivity across two different companies with offices and warehouses in multiple locations around the world.

Located in Lake Forest, California, U.S., Hansair Logistics, along with its affiliated company Hypercoat Enterprises, distributes consumable and expendable products. The companies support all major airlines and several regional carriers, in addition to supplying OEMs of aircraft products.

With Quantum, employees have significantly reduced the time involved with day-to-day tasks, according to Pete Patel, Senior Vice President of Sales. The increased efficiency has contributed to the companies’ high performance, ability to satisfy customers quickly, and meet delivery times at affordable prices.

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“Quantum is a fully integrated software that helps Hansair and Hypercoat streamline day-to-day operations, creating a cohesive work environment within the company as well as with our offices around the world. From quoting, to creating sales orders, to invoicing and shipping of orders, managing inventories and generating reports,” he said.

The Hansair-Hypercoat group represents more than 30 different aircraft manufacturers, stocking products through a network of 18 offices and warehouses in the U.S., United Kingdom, Germany, South Africa, Chile, India, Brazil, Singapore, Malaysia, China and the United Arab Emirates. The Quantum Control software helps the companies track and manage its diverse inventory.

“Our offices in different locations are able to view data and support customers across the globe. With Quantum, we are able to share information on pricing, inventory, contacts and other work related information, making us much more productive and efficient,” said Patel.

Source: Component Control
Date: Oct 14, 2015