Close Air Support Conference

The 13th annual Close Air Support Conference and Exhibition will be held at the Hilton Hotel in Reading on the 20th & 21st October 2015.

CAS 2015 will feature presentations from various nations that focus on the preparation, training, equipment and joint fires support provided to the JTAC/JFO/TACP for the dismounted fight.

The event will provide a dedicated forum to assess Close Air Support operations from a FAC/JTAC perspective, addressing all the key issues such as training, improving communications networks and lessoning the burden of equipment for the dismounted FAC/JTAC. It will also assess the wider strategic context of FAC operations, looking at the land battlefield, increased air/land integration and how future capabilities will be implemented. The conference will share operational experiences and future strategies from militaries across Europe, the US and Middle East.

The Close Air Support Conference will be attended by requirements and acquisition officials from the Land and Air Systems divisions on national procurement bodies, as well as senior military Officers from nations across the world. Also present will be the senior management of the leading industry contractors providing relevant technologies.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Air Land Integration
  • Digital Interoperability
  • Doctrinal Updates
  • Air Platform Capabilities
  • National Equipment & Training Programmes
  • Synthetic Training

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  • Gp Capt Mark Gorringe, Chief of Staff, Joint Air Land Organisation, Royal Air Force
  • Lt Col Byron Sullivan USMC, Joint Staff J-6, Joint Fires Division (JFD), Joint Close Air Support (JCAS) Section
  • Mr Tom Ball, Technical Director, Close Air Solutions
  • LCL Rodolphe Weisse, Commanding Officer, French/German AGOS
  • Director Marketing, Vricon Systems
  • Tim Almond, Marketing Director, L3 Communications
  • Lt Col Westley D Stark, Chief, TACP/ASOC Branch, A3JC, Air Combat Command, USAF
  • Wing Commander Rich Long, Commanding Officer, UK ASOC
  • Lt Col Fabio Restelli, Chief, FAC Section, Italian Air Ground Operations School
  • Mr Graham Davenport, Marketing Director, Rockwell Collins
  • Mr Neil Dewar, Global Joint Fires Marketing Manager, Rockwell Collins
  • Mr Kevin Hadley, Senior Account Manager, Harris Communications
  • David “Manny” Ramsey (CDR USN Ret), NAVAIR Liaison to SOCOM, US Naval Air Systems Command
  • Major Nick Jordan, Battlefield Air Operations Kit Program Manager, Battlefield Airmen Branch, USAF
  • TSgt Jimmy Eggleston, TACP SME, Battlefield Airmen Branch, USAF
  • Major Irfan Alkan, Officer Commanding, Air Ground Operations Unit, Turkish Air Force
  • Capt Dennis Seay, Flight Commander, USAF Weapons School, JTAC Weapons Instructor Course
  • MSGT "Peaches" Pietras, Ops Superintendent, USAF Weapons School
  • Lt Col Domenico Casile, A3 Air Enablers, FAC Capabilities Section, Allied Air Command North, NATO

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Oct 6, 2015