China's Okay Airways Purchases 2 LM FFSs

Lockheed Martin Commercial Flight Training (NYSE: LMT) continues its global growth with the sale of two B737-800W full flight simulators to Okay Airways Company Limited. Okay Airways is China’s first private sector airline with both passenger and cargo routes throughout mainland China and the surrounding region.

“The introduction of LMCFT’s simulator creates an excellent foundation for Okay Airways to meet our own training needs, further enhance the quality of our training and at the same time allows us to further diversify our business,” said Captain Wei Hong, vice president of Okay Airways. “This collaboration with LMCFT brings additional benefits to Okay Airways: further enhancing our training curriculum and content, improving our training capability and bringing the quality of our management and operational standards to a higher plane. It also helps us to fulfill our Win-Win objectives of bringing economic and social benefits to the country.”

“We are committed to delivering value to Okay Airways with quality products and services that support their expanding pilot training business,” said Sandy Samuel, vice president and general manager of LMCFT. “In addition, we are applying Lockheed Martin’s expertise in product support and sustainment to maximize device availability for Okay Airways and other customers in the Asia-Pacific region.”

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LMCFT offers a complete suite of commercial aviation training products and services including Airbus A320 and A330/340 and Boeing 737, 767, 777 and 787 full flight simulators. The company also provides training services through its international commercial aviation training centers based in São Paulo, Brazil, and Incheon, Korea.

Source: Lockheed Martin Corporation (NYSE: LMT)
Date: Sep 14, 2015