Savox Communications Debuts at DSEI to Unveil its THOR Tactical Headgear System in Europe

Leading provider of C3I and communications solutions for defence, security and professional public safety users, Savox Communications, (DSEI 2015 Stand N5-442), today launches its THOR® – Tactical Headgear system for changing Operational Requirements – into the European market, at DSEI 2015 in London. Savox, itself, is making its first appearance at DSEI, with much to offer the defence sector from its wealth of experience gained over 30 years in other complementary industries.

The THOR Tactical Headgear System was designed and developed to meet the stringent needs of Finland’s ‘Future Warrior 2020’ Programme, together with the headgear requirements of all arms of the Finnish Defence Forces (FDF).  In addition, the new headgear meets and surpasses the demands of a wide variety of other military and security end users, including Combat, Marine, Special Forces and SWAT units.

THOR is a complete, fully integrated system incorporating ballistic protection, communications, night vision goggles (NVGs), hearing protection and powered accessory rails in its design. Due to its modular construct, it can be configured to meet the needs of different users in both operational and training and scenarios.

THOR’s lightweight ballistic, helmet shell offers state-of-the-art protection through its ‘boltless’ design and latest Dyneema® and aramid material composition. To reduce fatigue for the wearer – a major issue with many other headgear solutions – the highest levels of comfort and stability have been reached in THOR’s design, confirmed by users during extensive trials – the development phase of THOR included two extremely thorough prototype rounds involving exhaustive field and usability testing. In addition, because the main sub-systems and components, such as its NVGs, have been designed, specifically, for THOR integration reliability has been achieved ensuring total harmony between the individual elements of the core system.

Mikael Westerlund, SVP Global Marketing at Savox Communications, said, “We are very excited to be launching THOR into Europe at DSEI. Earlier this year, we introduced THOR to the defence industry in the Middle East, where it received an outstanding reception. Since then, not only have we cemented our deal with THOR’s first customer – the FDF – for whom the system was designed, but we have also taken several other firm and significant orders for THOR and begun a number negotiations with overseas military and security organisations for the system.”

Savox Communications believes that THOR is probably the most capable, sophisticated and versatile combat headgear system available anywhere today. This is partly due to advantage gained from the ‘Future Warrior 2020’ programme’s late start, which has allowed Savox to conduct extensive evaluation and benchmarking against all other main NATO and Scandinavian soldier modernisation programmes already underway. As a result, the company has been able to incorporate the best attributes of many of the top designs into THOR. It also recognised the need for precise integration to achieve perfect harmony between the system’s different elements.

Westerlund added, “THOR’s future is definitely very bright. While we can’t say exactly how many new customers we have, the level of interest, new prospects and ongoing enquiries have been climbing steadily to the point where we have already moved into our mass-production phase. This move was originally set for Q4 this year, but actually got underway in Q2.   We are quietly confident that THOR’s introduction into Europe at DSEI will have a similar impact to its ME unveiling.”

THOR will be on display, both on the Savox stand, as well as in ‘The Future Soldier Systems’ area of the ‘Land Zone’ at DSEI, where it can be seen alongside other current and future national soldier systems, combat clothing and state-of-the-art, tactical technologies.

Source: Savox Communications
Date: Sep 14, 2015