Big Data for Defense & Intelligence Symposium

Information Sharing and Analytics – Meeting the Nation’s Intelligence Challenge

Information sharing and information overload challenges continue to dominate operational and acquisition planning within the Department of Defense, Intelligence, Homeland Security, and Law Enforcement communities. Increasingly, government agencies are looking for the latest tools and capabilities in big data and predictive analytics to provide the means to analyze, exploit and draw conclusions sourced from the seemingly overwhelming inputs from an ever-increasing numbers of sensors and collection tools.

This outstanding symposium brings together the key government and industry experts who are shaping the direction of big data and predictive analytics research and development for defense, intelligence, homeland security, and law enforcement.

  • What are the latest DoD, Intelligence Community, and Homeland Security needs and initiatives in Big Data and predictive analytics?
  • How is Big Data analytics being applied to ISR, intelligence sharing, video analytics, atmospherics, identity, biometrics, and a whole range of other critical mission applications?
  • What opportunities and challenges are presented by the convergence of cloud and large-scale analytics?
  • What solutions are emerging? What role(s) can industry play?

These and many other critical questions will be examined during this outstanding two-day event.

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  • Mr. Mark Krzysko, Deputy Director, Enterprise Information, OUST/AT&L
  • Mr. Mark Gembicki, Managing Director, |resilient.
  • Ms. Annette Redmond, Director, Intelligence Community Information Management, HQDA/G-2
  • Mr. Christopher J. Page, Command Information Officer, Office of Naval Intelligence
  • Colonel Bobby Saxon, Division Chief and Program Director, EMDS, Army G-3/5/7 POMS
  • Colonel Brian J Ray, Chief, Analysis Division, HQ, USAF/A2
  • Lt. Colonel Gary Good, Strategist, Business Transformation Directorate, US Army
  • Mr. Todd G. Myers, Senior Architect, Office of the Chief Information Officer NGA
  • Mr. Kenny O’Neal, 25 AF/National Intelligence Coordination Cell (NICC) Reorganization Lead
  • Ms. Lisa Shaler-Clark, Chief, Integration and Assessment Division, US Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM)
  • Dr. Ashit Talukder, Division Chief, Information Access, NIST
  • Mr. John Marshall, Chief Technology Officer, Gemini II Technologies, LLC
  • COL (ret) Lee Wight, Executive Director, Fusion Center, WRTAC
  • Mr. Steve Stennett, Chief Technology Officer, Federal Information Management, IBM
  • Mr. Keith Bryars, Client Executive, Federal Law Enforcement & Nat. Security, Harris Corp.
  • Mr. Tom Sabo, Senior Solutions Architect, SAS Federal
  • Mr. Tom Rascon, Chief Technology Officer, US Public Sector – DoD/IC NetApp
  • Dr. David W. Bauer Jr., Technical Director, Digital Reasoning
  • Mr. Stephen Kunath, Director of Data Quality Operations, Digital Reasoning
  • Mr. Chris Stone, Sr Software Engineer, Geospatial Program Office (GPO), KEYW Corp.
  • Dr. Shelley Cazares, Research Staff Member, Institute for Defense Analyses

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Aug 26, 2015