SDE breaks cover to show capability and develop international markets

A small British independent defence technology company, which provides technical expertise covering platforms, munitions and weapon systems across the land, sea and air domains, will make its debut appearance at the DSEi exhibition in London in September.  SDE (System Design Evaluation Ltd) will showcase its mature capability in areas including assessment, design engineering, research, development and modelling, safety and trials management and procurement.

The company’s participation in DSEi is part of a wider growth and development strategy to build on its highly successful 30-year track record through entry into wider international markets and the formation of new alliances and partnerships.  Historically, SDE has delivered its services capability through a relatively small and select group of prime contractors, project teams, government agencies and industry partners.

SDE Managing Director, Ian Beaton says, ”Over the years, SDE has established and brought together an unique team of people, many of whom are acknowledged leading experts in their individual fields – some at an international level.  We have also developed a proven set of advanced and sophisticated systems, tools, methodologies and processes which support what we do.  This gives us the ability to respond to a very wide range of programmes and specific requirements, with a multi-disciplined team of exactly the right people with the right knowledge and experience.  Now is the time for us to offer that capability to a wider audience”.

During DSEi, SDE will hold specific focus days which will major on defined key areas of activity and expertise, supported in each case by the firm’s sector team leaders. 




Notes to Editors:

SDE – Technical & Operational Backgrounder

About SDE

System Design Evaluation Ltd is headquartered in Hertfordshire.  It operates with a multi-discipline core team of highly qualified specialists, supplemented by a network of engineers, scientists, analysts and contractors.  Founded in 1986, it is a wholly owned subsidiary of Radec Engineering Limited, a privately owned company registered in the UK.  SDE’s core business is the provision of impartial assessment, design, development and safety management of platforms, munitions and weapon systems.

Currently, the company’s operations fall generally into four areas of business – defence systems and services; trials management; safety and environmental management – and design and modelling. 


Defence Systems & Services

SDE provides advice and technical expertise across the soldier systems and Weapons, Ordnance, Munitions and Explosives (WOME) domains.  It has a particular understanding of systems engineering processes and the CADMID cycle (Concept, Assessment, Development, Manufacturing, In-service, Disposal).  It provides a wide range of scientific and technical advice on weapons, munitions and energetic materials, augmented by a comprehensive modelling and trials capability.  This includes Integrated Test, Evaluation and Acceptance (ITEA).  SDE has a vast experience in the quantitative assessment and analysis of the effect of new capability on the performance and effectiveness of the individual soldier, section, platoon and company of both mounted and dismounted troops.


Trials Management

The company offers a comprehensive trials service which includes planning and management, plus analysis of data and reporting.  Agreements are in place with a number of UK and overseas trials and evaluation facilities and the company is also authorised to conduct firing trials on UK MoD land and ranges.  In addition, trials can be conducted utilising SDE’s suite of comprehensive and fully portable trials instrumentation and equipment.  SDE’s trials team have extensive experience of undertaking trials across the complete range from simple technical trials through to complex measures of performance and measures of effectiveness programmes.

Safety and Environmental Management

Safety and environmental management is one of SDE’s strongest areas of expertise.  The company has undertaken a significant number of munitions Safety Case Reports (SCRs) for UK MoD for equipment, systems and platforms in use with all three services.  SDE has formulated many of the standards and developed the safety and environmental management processes and procedures which are in common use and it also provides Independent Safety Auditor (ISA) support.


Design & Modelling

SDE has significant experience in advanced engineering applications including Computer Aided Design (CAD), Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Kinematic and Hydrocode Modelling, Ballistics and System Performance, to support a wide range of research, design, development and procurement programmes.  SDE offers a selection of numerical modelling and simulation services to support the development of mission-critical systems for defence customers.

The company has developed a considerable portfolio of expertise in the application of Hydrocode modelling techniques for analysis of ultra-high-speed events. Using ANSYS Autodyn, SDE engineers can simulate a variety of highly-complex physical phenomenon, including projectile penetration, blast wave formation & structural interactions, and sympathetic reaction of energetic materials.

SDE also offers similar design and modelling services and expertise to customers in other sectors including aerospace, automotive, manufacturing and oil and gas.




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Source: System Design Evaluation Ltd
Date: Aug 11, 2015