Let's Get Serious About The Electric Jet (or)

The F-16 is now in the field in real numbers and it is high time that we set to rest some of the rumors concerning just what the F-16 can and can not do. To fully understand the F-16, the Dash One flight manual is the first place to start; but after you’ve thoroughly digested its contents, reading these articles will help fill in some of the blank spaces. It is my intent to try to help clear up some gray areas and point out some things you might not have noticed in the time you have been flying the Fighting Falcon.

If you were to sum up the F-16 in a single word, you would find it nearly impossible to do so. I keep coming up with four words, all beginning with D, that the F-16 is or is not. The F-16 is not difficult, it is not devious, and it is certainly not dangerous. The F-16 is simply DIFFERENT!

If you are a student of aviation history (or perhaps a really crusty old lieutenant colonel), you will recall that there was a lot of nervous hand wringing going on in the late 1940s and early 1950s as jet-propelled aircraft began replacing the props. The feeling was that the tremendous differences between jet and reciprocating engines would be difficult for the pilots to overcome. Well, these "differences" proved to be minor.

Source: Lockheed Martin Corporation
Date: Aug 11, 2015