BI Selects Corena Suite from Flatirons to Power Their S1000d Deliveries of S1000d Technical Information for the UK MoD

A Babcock International business, one of the United Kingdom’s largest defence contractors and a key provider of support services to the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD), has selected the Flatirons S1000D Solution to power their S1000D technical publishing efforts. Babcock’s Analytic Solutions business will use the Flatirons S1000D Solution to manage its creation of maintenance and operational documentation for a range of complex military and commercial assets. In addition to helping to meet commitments for its S1000D compliant outputs, the solution being adopted will also enhance support for conversion and reuse of legacy content to its many clients, as well as provide new technical publishing capabilities, including 3D enhanced and mobile accessible technical publications.

Manufacturers of capital-intensive assets such as aircraft, watercraft, rail transport, or energy facilities use the S1000D specification to provide customers with documentation that is concise, modular, and optimized for the complexities of modelling “as operated” conditions for large assets having a lifespan that may be measured in decades. The CORENA Suite-based Flatirons S1000D Solution, which has become a de facto standard for aviation manufacturers seeking to lower their cost of technical publications while improving content usability, is the leading independent solution for the delivery of compliant S1000D-based data modules and publications. By combining support for the S1000D specification with the ability to process both legacy content, the solution will provide a means of “future proofing” technical information used by Babcock International and its customers worldwide.

“Our customers increasingly see delivery of technical manuals in S1000D format as a core requirement to support maintainability and high utilization” said Babcock’s Analytic Solutions Martin Cooper, Technical Communications Team Leader. “With the power of the Flatirons S1000D Solution, our authors and engineers will be able to deliver compliant S1000D technical information with substantial savings in traditional authoring processes and procedures, and with improved quality and consistency,” Mr. Cooper noted. Just as importantly, the increased flexibility of content written using the S1000D standard will help thousands of maintenance task performers and equipment operators in the field be more productive, safe, and efficient.

Flatirons CEO Geoffrey Godet noted, “Our team is thrilled to be working with Babcock, and sees tremendous opportunity in supporting MoD suppliers and OEMs in providing the information used to build, operate, and maintain complex assets like the QEC carriers.” Godet continued, “With a mission this important, innovation matters. CORENA Suite solutions are the world’s most innovative thanks to a level of R&D that is unmatched in the industry.”

Source: Babcock International
Date: Aug 10, 2015