Future Armoured Vehicles Survivability 2015 Conference

Future Armoured Vehicles Survivability 2015 conference is dedicated to enhancing the protection of military vehicles and those carrying out missions through this vital land force asset.

This unique conference focuses on the collaboration between military and industry and invites not only capability and operational flag officers to share their lessons learnt from theatre, but also the lead engineers, chief scientists and technical directors from the vehicle manufacturers themselves, who create the platforms and technologies at the heart of the armoured vehicle.

By attending Future Armoured Vehicles Survivability 2015 you will gain unrivaled insight into what leading defence nations and their selected OEMS are doing to enhance the safety and security of their troops, through the development of armour and blast protection solutions.

You will also hear the very latest developments from industry, giving you a holistic picture of how you can create your very own optimal armoured vehicle platform for maximum protection.

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Key Topics will include:

  • Countering IEDS and MINES through advanced material selection
  • Keeping the armoured vehicle highly mobile whilst optimizing blast protection
  • Intelligently loading additional armour capabilities on legacy fleets
  • What new technologies and materials are coming to the attention of industry engineers
  • National programme updates from senior flag officers

Benefits of Attending

  • Hear from key armoured vehicle operators and manufacturers on how they are optimizing survivability
  • Learn what new armour technologies are available to enhance your vehicle platform
  • Network with military programme managers, industry engineers, chief scientists and technical directors
  • See real life technology solutions in the exhibition area
  • Meet like minded peers who are advancing both policy and strategy for the future of armoured vehicles


Plus An Interactive Half-Day Post-Conference Workshop | Wednesday 25th November

Countering IED Threats: Understanding the Operational Environment and Developing Proactive Solutions

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  • Brigadier Ben Barry, Senior Fellow, IISS
  • Brigadier General Roberto Soria, Head of Land Systems, Spanish Army
  • Brigadier Martin Wijnen, Commander of 43 Mechanized Brigade, Netherlands Army
  • Colonel Egbert Teeuw, Head of Ground Based Weapons Systems Division, Netherlands MoD
  • Dr Bryan Vaughan, Head of Materials, Lockeed Martin UK
  • Dr Hans-Elias De Bree, R&D Director, Microflown AVISA
  • Dr Martin Hagstrom, Programme Manager, Weapons and Protection, FOI
  • Lieutenant Colonel Henk Ouwehand, Commander of 45 Mechanized Infantry Battalion, Royal Netherlands Army, Netherlands, Netherlands Army
  • Major Claus Johansen, Armoured Vehicles Study and Development Branch, Danish Army Combat School
  • Major General William Gayler, Deputy Commanding General, US Army Europe
  • Major General Aguiar Santos, Commander of the Pandur Mechanised Brigade, Portuguese Army
  • Mr Dan Lindell, Platform Manager, Combat Vehicles, BAE Systems Hägglunds
  • Mr Gary Hines, Head of Protected Vehicles, Thales Australia
  • Mr Ian Elgy, Capability Leader for Blast and IED Protection, DSTL
  • Mr Mark Dean, Head of Survivability and Mechanical, General Dynamics UK
  • Mr Robert Shaw, C-IED Advisor, UNMAS, Department of Peacekeeping Operations, United Nations
  • Mr Roger Sloman, Managing Director, Advanced Blast & Ballistic Systems Ltd.
  • Mr Stefan Lischka, Managing Dirctor, ARTEC
  • Professor Bryn James, Head of Armoured Protection, DSTL

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Jul 30, 2015