Future Ground Combat Vehicles 2015 Conference

Next Generation Mobility, Protection, and Lethality

Today’s conflicts require our Military to maintain a strong and nimble Combat Vehicle Fleet. The outcome of virtually every battle can be changed with the presence of these vehicles. They are a core component of virtually every Military Strategy. The challenge becomes apparent when contemplating how to increase the three essential components of a combat vehicle: Protection, Mobility, and Lethality, without increasing its weight and target profile. It is the same challenge that the Military has been facing since the inception of combat vehicles.

Major Topics include:

  • Strategic Importance of Combat Ground Vehicles on the Battlefield
  • The Future Fighting Vehicle
  • Implementation of Enhanced Electronic Warfare Systems
  • Potential Stryker Offensive Upgrades
  • Future Requirements of Ground Combat Vehicles

Whether you are a Military Leader, a Industry Expert, or an enthusiast, THIS EVENT HAS SOMETHING FOR YOU!

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  • Robert Kmiecik, Former Director, Mounted Requirements Division, US Army Manuever of Excellence


  • Mr. Donald Sando, Deputy to the Commanding General, Maneuver Center of Excellence, Fort Benning, U.S. Army
  • COL William Nuckols, Director, Mounted Requirements Division, U.S. Army

Past Featured Speakers

  • COL Mike Milner, Program Manager, Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle (AMPV), U.S. Army
  • COL James "Jim" Schirmer, Program Manager, Armored Fighting Vehicles, U.S. Army
  • LTC Scott Coulson, Maneuver Chief - ARCIC Requirements Integration Directorate, U.S. Army

Download the agenda at a glance | Register to attend this Conference

Source: ASDEvents
Date: Jul 16, 2015