Airbus Defence and Space Devises Intelligence 'Web'

The French defence procurement agency DGA has awarded Airbus Defence and Space a contract concerning the interoperability of intelligence systems. Conducted as part of the French Armed Forces’ information system (SIA) programme, Airbus Defence and Space will be responsible for the industrialisation, deployment and support of the DOPEC (system for optimising the use of sensors) and CSD (coalition shared data) systems. Five years of development work carried out within the framework of NATO have now paid off with these mature software, which pave the way for intelligence sharing among coalition forces.

Intelligence, as a matter of national sovereignty par excellence, is by its very nature compartmentalised. However, it is essential that coalition forces are able to share the information necessary for carrying out joint missions.

Optimising the intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) chain both tactically and strategically, DOPEC enables a political or command sequence to be established that defines actions for the sensor (UAV, observation satellite, mission aircraft, device that acts as a connected binocular) and each person that plays a role in the intelligence operation down to the ground level. Once the intelligence data (images, videos, communications, information gathered in the field or from the internet) has been collected, it is exploited and distributed to those who need it, including the decision-maker, who is then able to see how the mission is progressing.

The exchange of such large volumes of information requires an intelligent network of CSD servers that enable databases within an armed or coalition force or intelligence service to be synchronised, both in the theatre of operations and in mainland France. These servers are in the process of being deployed within the French forces. They will allow the command in Paris to view live images from the theatres of operations and to replay them where necessary.

Intelligence is at the heart of the activities of the Communications, Intelligence & Security business line at Airbus Defence and Space. Managing the increasing number of information sources and pooling and using them for joint purposes is all part of the expertise of Airbus Defence and Space, which has just launched the FortiINT range of intelligence solutions.

Source: Airbus Defence and Space
Date: Jul 14, 2015