Airborne ISR Conference

Building on the successes of our annual Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance conferences, we are currently seeking to greater mirror the specific demands of the operational environment. The airborne aspect of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance continues to establish itself further as a dominant force within the discipline. From Libya to the ongoing effort to combat ISIS in Iraq and Syria, airborne ISR assets have been relied upon as vital assets that allow for the gathering of intelligence and direction of offensive capabilities. Through the reliable collection and distribution of accurate intelligence, operational effectivness and efficiency can be greater enhanced.

Therefore, Airborne ISR seeks to provide a platform for the advancement of these key ideas. NATO's development of its Allied Ground Surveillance capability and existing programmes such as AWACs shall be discussed. An update on these overarching programmes will be supported by insider accounts of member states individual doctrines and independent efforts to develop and maintain domestic ISR capabilities. The integration, operational case studies and the latest cutting edge technology, shall be just some of the key areas presented by leading figures within the field. As well as providing an invaluable opportunity to gain insight into these areas, extensive opportunities for networking shall be offered for all who attend.

Benefits of Attending

  • Hear an insider up-date on NATO's overarching and influential programmes, such as the Allied Ground Surveillance (AGS) programme and the Airborne Early Warning and Control System (AWACS).
  • An opportunity to hear from and bench mark against strategic partners, an account of their independent efforts to develop and enhance their airborne ISR capabilities.
  • A forum for the advancement of interoperability and co-operation amongst airborne ISR assets An opportunity to gain an insight into the industry's fluid and ever advancing technological improvements.Hear from leaders in the field.


Make sure you register for our post conference workshop | 28th October 2015

Holistic ISR - How to Train
Hosted by Mr Ewen Stockbridge Sime, CEO, IAM:ISR, UK

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  • Air Commodore Paddy Teakle, Deputy Commander, AEW&C Force Command, NATO.
  • Brigadier David Evans, ACOS IS, Information Superiority, Royal Navy
  • Colonel John McCurdy, Director of Research, United States Air Force Academy
  • Colonel Laura Ryan, Director of Policy, Plans and Assessments, 25th Air Force, United States Air Force
  • Dr Ashutosh Natraj, Researcher, Computer Science, University of Oxford
  • Dr Jim Wood, Fellow, Cyber and Information Systems Division, DSTL, UK, DSTL
  • George Harrison (ret), Director, Former Commander, Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center, USAF
  • Lieutenant Colonel Jans Ruedisueli, Commander of 306 Squadron, Royal Netherlands Air Force, Netherlands Armed Force
  • Mr Ewan Stockbridge, Director, IAM:ISR
  • Mr Rob Munday, Unified Vision 2014, Assessment Director, NATO
  • Robert Murray, Head of ISR, Defence Investment Division, NATO
  • Squadron Leader Rob Farrant, Sentinel Requirements Manager, Air Command Capability Branch, Royal Air Force
  • Squadron Leader Steve Knight, 54 Squadron, Officer Commanding Rivet Joint, Royal Air Force

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Jun 26, 2015