Military Flight Training USA Conference

Adaptive and Dynamic Flight Training Solutions to Meet Emerging Mission Requirements

In order to meet the changing demands of an increasingly integrated battlespace, next generation manned and un-manned flight training requirements will rely increasingly on open architecture platforms, integrated live, virtual, constructive (LVC) ground and air systems, while leveraging inter-service training synergies to maximize value to the end-user.

This event will focus on US/Joint flight training challenges across the services, highlighting new technologies and future requirements for each of the services’respective aviation communities, as well as ways the industry can support achieving these requirements.

Top Reasons to Attend

  • Get the latest on meeting upgradability requirements in T-X Family of Systems (FoS)
  • Hear thought-leader discussion of the advantages of Open Architecture to achieve platform agnosticism in flight training systems
  • Get detailed cost/benefit analysis of increased Ground Based Flight Training
  • Solutions to closing the training gap for 5th Generation Fighter Aircraft
  • Learn about challenges providing integrated LVC and Distributed Mission Operations (DMO) Training
  • Explore improving ground-based Offloading to Reduce Training Cost
  • Delve into improving System and Immersion Fidelity in Simulation
  • Evaluate economies of scale against varying mission sets in Joint Flight Training Standardization
  • Navigate developments in Adaptive Learning Technology to evaluate the way we train pilots
  • Balance growing UAS operational demand with UAS pilot training needs

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  • Lt Gen James M. Holmes, Deputy Chief of Staff, Strategic Plans and Requirements, USAF
  • Maj Gen Jeffrey Harrigian, Director, F35 Integration Office, USAF
  • CAPT Wes Naylor, Commanding Officer, Naval Air Warfare Center, Training Systems Division, USN
  • Col Peter Eide, Chief, Training Aircraft Division, Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, USAF
  • Col Philip Wielhouwer, Chief of Air Training Requirements, AETC, USAF
  • Col Gary Kling, Commodore, Training Air Wing 5, USMC
  • Col Dale VanDusen, Deputy PEO / Vice Director Battle Management Directorate (AFLCMC/HB), USAF
  • Col Eric F. Buer, Commanding , Marine Aviation Training Support Group-21, USMC
  • CAPT Craig Dorrans, Program Manager, Naval Aviation Training Systems (PMA-205), USN
  • Col John A. Rahe, Commanding Officer, Marine Aviation Training Support Group -22, USMC
  • CAPT Leon Bacon, Program Manager, Navy Undergrad Flight Training Systems Program Office (PMA-273), USN
  • Lt Col Calvin Powell, Commander, 16th Training Squadron, USAF
  • Lt Col Nathan Hansen, Chairperson/Deputy Commander, 49th Ops Group, USAF

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Jun 23, 2015