L-3 Announces the New ClearScan Next-Gen Cabin Baggage Explosives Detection System

L-3 Communications (NYSE:LLL) announced today the introduction of ClearScan™ – a new high-throughput explosives detection system (EDS) for screening cabin bags at leading airports worldwide. ClearScan is specifically designed to meet emerging regulatory and operational requirements and accommodates high-security checkpoint throughput and passenger demand for a streamlined screening experience.

Utilizing computed tomography (CT) and advanced explosives detection algorithms, the compact system offers enhanced customer convenience by allowing travelers to leave liquids and electronics in their bags as they go through security. Featuring a scanning capacity of over 500 bags per hour, with a false alarm rate that dramatically reduces the need for an inconvenient and time-consuming bag search, the system can significantly improve airport checkpoint throughput and efficiency.

Along with ClearScan, L-3 is introducing IntelliCore™ – a powerful checkpoint operations software solution. IntelliCore delivers enhanced checkpoint security capabilities, including remote screening, real-time operational monitoring and reporting, image archive retrieval, and directed bag search, while facilitating risk-based security operations. It seamlessly ties together checkpoint screening into a highly flexible operation that maximizes efficiency and improves traveler satisfaction while enhancing security. Both ClearScan and IntelliCore are designed to integrate with automated tray return systems.

“Enhancing security while facilitating passenger throughput, coupled with the need to help our customers control their operating costs, is a huge challenge,” said Tom Ripp, president of L-3 Security & Detection Systems (L-3 SDS). “Our new checkpoint solution is designed to meet these needs. Together with L-3’s ProVision™ security scanner, ClearScan and IntelliCore bring comprehensive technologies to the checkpoint that improve threat detection and increase passenger convenience and operating efficiency.”

Mr. Ripp added, “This is a great example of an initiative that has been funded and developed by L-3 SDS, leveraging our deep experience in EDS-based explosives detection technology, including advanced image processing and detection algorithms. We are very excited to introduce this solution to our global customer base.”

Source: L-3 Communications
Date: Jun 17, 2015