Javelin Missile Demos Extended Range and Versatility During Tests

The U.S. Army and the Javelin Joint Venture, comprising Raytheon Company (NYSE: RTN) and Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT), recently conducted successful live-fire Javelin missile engagements against tank targets from different launcher and platform configurations as part of a demonstration to current foreign military sales users.

Each of the three Javelin missiles used during the tests at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama, was fired from a different launcher or platform – from a Command Launch Unit (CLU); from a vehicle using a Remote Weapon Station (RWS); and from the U.S. Army’s recently deployed Containerized Weapon System (CWS), also using a RWS. The CLU-launched missile hit a target at 4,000 meters, while the vehicle-launched and CWS-launched missiles hit targets positioned at 1,100 meters and 700 meters, respectively.   

“The Javelin Joint Venture is committed to expanding Javelin applications beyond the current man-portable role,” said John Halvey, Javelin Joint Venture president and Javelin program director at Raytheon Missile Systems. “We will continue to work with our customers to provide an effective system that improves platform lethality and enhances survivability.”

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“Javelin is the world’s most versatile and lethal anti-tank weapon system,” said Richard Benton, Javelin Joint Venture vice president and Javelin program director at Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control. “Its capability to engage targets at ranges beyond the current specification is validated, as is the ability to use one weapon from various platforms to address multiple missions.”

Source: Lockheed Martin Corporation (NYSE: LMT)
Date: Jun 16, 2015