International Naval Helicopters Conference

A Helicopter is the workhorse of any Naval Aviation Command, required to undertake an exhaustive list of roles from transport to strike to reconnaissance – these roles place great strain on the platforms and their operators. The maritime context offers a further host of challenges including greater degradation of parts and systems, while the lack of landing zones adds another difficult dimension to any mission – managing these difficulties while carrying out the wide variety of missions expected is of huge concern to Naval Rotary operators.

Following on from the huge success of the International Military Helicopters conference, International Naval Helicopters 2015 will drill down into the challenges of Maritime Rotary Commanders. With a large number of nations planning to upgrade their rotary platforms and others still looking to acquire entirely new maritime capabilities in the coming years, the Naval Helicopters conference is the perfect opportunity for the maritime rotary community to gather and discuss their common challenges.

Key issues include:

  • Advancing the lifecycles of naval helicopters to ensure a long term effective capability
  • In response to the rising number of missions facing operators, how can current and future platforms be enhanced to meet this demand?
  • Ensuring interoperability and communication between helicopter operators and command centres and other maritime assets

Conference Highlights include:

  • Benefit from a focus day dedicated to the integration of Naval Rotary assets both internally and externally to forces and organisations – learn how cooperation can be advanced at an international level
  • Seize the chance to meet with Commanders of Naval Aviation from around the world at a truly international event – listen as operators discuss their current and emerging requirements
  • Learn about the latest requirements straight from the operators and commanders who desperately need them to be met. How can you learn from their experience to advance your own capabilities?

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  • Major General Richard Felton, Commander, Joint Helicopter Command, UK Armed Forces
  • Air Vice Marshall Julian Young, Director Helicopters, DES, UK MoD
  • Rear Admiral John R. Haley, Commander, Naval Air Force, US Atlantic Fleet
  • Rear Admiral Mark E. Butt, Assistant Commandant for Capability, US Coast Guard HQ
  • Rear Admiral Jose Renan Suarez, Commander, Education & Training Centre, Philippine Navy (AWAITING FINAL AUTHORISATION)
  • Commodore Juan Carlos Pons, Commander, Naval Aviation, Chilean Navy
  • Captain Hans-Jörg Detlefsen, Commander, Naval Aviation Command, German Navy
  • Captain Craig Grubb, Program Manager, US NAVAIR
  • Captain Paulo Lopez, Commanding Officer, Helicopter Squadron, Portuguese Navy
  • Colonel Sergio Pelligrini, Chief of the EH11 Department, Air Armaments Directorate, Italian Armed Forces
  • Andrew Gray, Helicopter Project Officer, EDA
  • Dr. Kevin Le Page, Cooperative ASW Programme Manager, Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation
  • Senior Representative, (AWAITING NAME), Helicopter Wing, Irish Coast Guard

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Jun 16, 2015