Orbital ATK Delivers 1,000th CMBRE to USAF

Orbital ATK, Inc. (NYSE: OA), a global leader in aerospace and defense technologies, has delivered the 1,000th Common Munitions BIT Reprogramming Equipment (CMBRE) to the U.S. Air Force. CMBRE is a portable field tester and mission programmer with a common interface that provides the warfighter seamless test and reprogramming capability of precision-guided smart weapons in the field that supports time critical missions.

Orbital ATK first introduced CMBRE in 1998. CMBRE represents the first munitions-support equipment to incorporate the Department of Defense’s (DOD) common Automated Test Systems (ATS) criteria and was awarded the Defense Standardization Program award in 2002. These standards reduce the total cost of DOD ATS ownership, provide interoperable ATS, reduce logistics footprint, and improves the quality of test while reducing repair cycle time.

“This is a significant milestone for Orbital ATK as it demonstrates the pivotal role CMBRE plays for the U.S. government and more than 31 allied nations,” said Bill Kasting, vice president and general manager for Orbital ATK’s Defense Electronic Systems division of the Defense Systems Group. “CMBRE continues to evolve to keep pace with the fielding of new weapons systems and showcases Orbital ATK’s expertise to deliver affordable innovative products required by our customers.”

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CMBRE has been certified for use by both the U.S. Air Force Non-Nuclear Munitions Safety Board and U.S. Navy Weapon System Explosives Safety Review Board. Air Force and Navy warfighters have stated CMBRE is the desired tester to address the requirements of new weapon technologies. CMBRE is designed to verify the munition’s Built-In Test (BIT) status, reprogram the munition’s Operational Flight Program, upload mission planning data, and upload/download Global Positioning System data. It is certified to be used on the flight line including aircraft carriers.

The CMBRE system is deployed worldwide in some of the most adverse and hazardous environments and exceeds its reliability predictions in real-world operations. The CMBRE system currently supports AARGM, Sidewinder, AMRAAM, JSOW, JASSM, Harpoon, MALD, Paveway, JDAM, MOP, and Small Diameter Bomb weapons systems with BIT, test results and upload/download of operational flight software.

Orbital ATK Defense Systems Group is an industry leader in providing innovative and affordable ammunition, precision and strike weapons, electronic warfare systems, and missile components across air-, sea-, and land-based systems.

Source: Orbital ATK, Inc.
Date: Jun 10, 2015