Rockwell Collins at Paris Air Show 2015: Harnessing the Power of Aviation's Information Age

At Paris Air Show 2015, Rockwell Collins will focus on harnessing the power of aviation’s information age by sharing insights, and showcasing products and services that will provide a seamless and secure flow of information within and between aircraft, ground and back office.

To spur discussion, Rockwell Collins will release a series of essays written by company experts that explore the power and potential of future flight deck systems, in-flight entertainment and connectivity solutions, networks and airport operations.

A large interactive display at the company’s exhibit will also highlight many of the new possibilities across the aviation ecosystem enabled by Rockwell Collins’ broad portfolio of products and services.

Products on Display at Rockwell Collins Exhibit:

Flight Deck Technologies
Combined Vision System - First Time at Paris Air Show
Rockwell Collins’ Combined Vision System, which fuses enhanced vision and synthetic vision on a head-up display, is a prime example of transformational flight deck technologies that harness the power of information. By combining real and synthetic views in front of the pilot’s eyes, operators will be able to maintain optimum awareness, especially in low-visibility conditions.

MultiScan ThreatTrackTM - First Time at Paris Air Show
Rockwell Collins’ new MultiScan ThreatTrackTM weather radar provides unprecedented atmospheric threat assessment capabilities. The system goes beyond hail and lightning prediction within a thunderstorm cell and alerts pilots to these significant threats adjacent to or above the cell. In addition, the new radar is the first in the industry to feature two levels of turbulence detection—severe and ride-quality—which more accurately informs flight crews of the type of turbulence in their path.

To date, Rockwell Collins has commitments from airlines around the world to install MultiScan ThreatTrack on more than 2,500 aircraft. Rockwell Collins continues to research and develop new capabilities for the system, including acting as a sensor for synthetic and enhanced vision, and utilizing air-to-air and air-to-ground networks to provide a complete weather picture.

Pro Line Fusion® flight deck for civil helicopters - First Time at Paris Air Show
The introduction of Pro Line Fusion® for civil helicopters earlier this year marked yet another major milestone in the flexibility and scalability of this highly integrated avionics system. At Paris Air Show 2015, Rockwell Collins will feature a brand new Pro Line Fusion demonstrator where visitors can “fly” the rotary wing avionics solution.

Featuring advanced graphical interfaces, intuitive icons and easily configurable multi-function display windows, Pro Line Fusion makes it easy for pilots to keep their eyes forward, with the right information in the right place.

More than 3,000 Pro Line Fusion-equipped aircraft, representing 20 different platform types, will enter into service between now and 2020.

PAVES™ In-flight Entertainment and Cabin Connectivity Solutions
Rockwell Collins’ full suite of cabin solutions are redefining passenger engagement while delivering value for airlines. Advanced, reliable entertainment systems, high-speed broadband and robust applications are all elements of the cabin portfolio.

The company’s recent acquisition of Pacific Avionics wireless platform allows fast, reliable distribution of content and services to passengers, whether accessed through their own personal devices – or through the Rockwell Collins PAVES On Demand IFE system.

TruNet™ networked communications for the military - First Time at Paris Air Show and EuMEA debut TruNet™, unveiled by Rockwell Collins in March 2015, is the industry’s first software defined networked communications solution — including ground, airborne and handheld radios, advanced networking waveforms, apps, ancillaries and services — to ensure secure connectivity between ground and airborne elements.

Rockwell Collins’ TruNet networked communications solution creates a network that allows real-time sharing of information, including video, imagery, and voice, across an IP system that can be accessed by allies in a mission — regardless of where they are on the ground or in the air.

The system even allows data to be filtered and shared with individuals depending on their security levels, providing limited access to certain materials based on clearance. Rockwell Collins also offers TruNet with country-unique solutions and customizable applications that can be added by the end-user.

ARINC MultiLinkSM Flight Tracking - First Time at Paris Air Show
Announced in March 2015, Rockwell Collins’ ARINC MultiLinkSM Flight Tracking solution brings together multiple data sources to reliably report the location of an aircraft anywhere in the world. In addition to utilizing Rockwell Collins’ proprietary high-frequency data link (HFDL) performance data, the service merges multiple other data sources including ADS-C, ADS-B, ASDI radar data, EUROCONTROL position information and ACARS position reports, many of which the airlines already generate, to provide a highly economical solution for airlines. Rockwell Collins is currently working with nine airlines from around the world to conduct trials for the new system.

Source: Rockwell Collins
Date: Jun 8, 2015