Jet Aviation Adds 12 New Aircraft to its Global Management Fleet

Jet Aviation has seen a significant increase in demand for aircraft management and flight support services in recent months. The company has added 12 aircraft to its global aircraft management fleet this year, including 5 aircraft in EMEA and Asia and 7 in the U.S.Jet Aviation has added four Gulfstream G650s and a Global 6000 to its managed fleet in EMEA and Asia, with two more aircraft expected in June. In the Americas, the company’s new fleet additions include a Dassault Falcon 7X; a Falcon 900; an Embraer Lineage 1000; two Gulfstream G450s; and two G650s.

“As demand for larger, long-range aircraft intensifies, aircraft owners and operators are increasingly looking for aircraft management companies that support the full scope of aviation services,” says Claudio Peer, vice president of sales for Jet Aviation’s aircraft management and charter business in EMEA and Asia. “Our global team of highly trained experts is available 24/7 through our global dispatch offices, providing exceptional value to customers who need a partner they can trust to manage their day-to-day flight operations efficiently and effectively.”

Dave Deitch, vice president of aircraft management and charter sales in the U.S., adds, “We’re seeing strong demand for flight support services. Executives are clearly turning to business aviation to help maintain their competitive edge, and aircraft owner and operators want the benefits and professional assurance that a global network has to offer.”

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Source: Jet Aviation
Date: May 28, 2015