UAS Commercialization Industry Conference

Paving the Way for Innovative Applications in UAS Commercialization

2015 is said to be the “year of the Unmanned Systems”, with new approvals being granted under section 333 across various industries, such as agriculture and real estate. We have passed the adoption stage and have entered the full-fledged implementation stage. Of course, there are some industries that have just discovered the potential of UAS use in their business and have recently taken an interest in building their business case. This is an industry in which learning from those that have been successfully granted approval from the FAA is key. This is why you can’t miss this June’s UAS Commercialization Industry conference as we explore the industries that have realized the role of UAS in their business, those that are just beginning to see the viability and those who have major concerns about integration into the NAS.

As we prepare for the release of the sUAS guidelines from the FAA, let us set the stage for groundbreaking conversation revolving around the next wave of applications for unmanned aerial systems.

In its second iteration, the UAS Commercialization Industry Conference is the leading forum bringing together a group of UAS adopters, government officials, industry partners and expert academia to discuss their current trials, future requirements, extensive capabilities, and forthcoming plans to leverage Unmanned Aerial Systems in emerging commercial markets

Top 10 Reasons You Can’t Miss This June’s Summit:

  • Benchmark your integration efforts across several industries
  • Discuss your technology standards and requirements
  • Develop Partnerships with other active members in the UAS commercialization community
  • Acquire a comprehensive guide to UAS implementation in your business
  • Gain a better understanding of the existing FAA processes and proposals
  • Build your business case to gain corporate Buy-in for integration of UAS
  • Define safety and privacy guidelines
  • Catch up on the latest industry milestones
  • Understand the important of interagency collaboration on integration into the NAS
  • Discover new industry applications and their benefits

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  • David Bird, Professor of Wildlife Biology, McGill University
  • Kyle Snyder, Director, NextGen Air Transportation, North Carolina State University
  • Shawn Bullard, President, Duetto Group
  • Brian Wynne, President and CEO, AUVSI
  • Matthew Hampton, Assistant Inspector General for Aviation, Department of Transportation, Office of Inspector General
  • Davis Hackenberg, Deputy Project Manager, Integration, UAS-NAS Project, NASA
  • Danny Ellis, CEO, SkySpecs
  • Treggon Owens, CEO, Aerial MOB, LLC
  • Jeff Sloan, UAS Program Manager, U.S. Geological Survey
  • Joshua Ziering, Founder, QuiQui
  • James Poss, Executive Director, ASSURE FAA UAS Center of Excellence Team
  • Douglas Trudeau, Realtor, Tierra Antigua Realty
  • Bill Crozier, Assistant Manager for Flight Standard, FAA
  • Cornelius Thiels, General Surgery Resident & Surgical Outcomes Researcher, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN
  • Luis Cifuentes, Director, Lone Star UAS Center of Excellence and Innovation

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: May 27, 2015